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Wimbledon Blazer

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Does anyone know where I can find a blazer like the one worn by the officials at this year's Wimbledon:

A navy blazer with white trim.
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The house of Lacoste use to make very decent tennis blazers. But then again, I saw these eons ago so have not much idea if they still make them and what is their current quality like. I was informed by someone that none of their stuff (at least in US) is made in France anymore.

I have seen navy, green, scarlet and white from them.

Or since one of your links mention a blazer by Ralph Lauren, you could always try his stores. Although, you probably did that already.

If you are not too much concerned about the quality you may be able to find some of these in a specialty sports store perhaps. Maybe the good ol' new england haberdashers still carry them. Try brooks, J. Press or maybe even Andover shop. This seems something very much like what J. Crew would even do in one of their catalouges altough I don't ever recall seeing one from them.

Best of luck.

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Ralph Lauren
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Ralph Lauren (polo blue label) makes a very nice white piping blazer, see the ebay link below

It pops up every now and then on ebay, i got one of them in size medium and its one of my favorites. Made in italy by corneliani so good quality aswell
Keep an eye out on ebay for "cricket jacket" and you'll find it im sure
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