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Sock colour w. trousers/shoes

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The conventional wisdom has it to match socks with either shoes or trousers (Euro/US split?). Other colours can work which don't match either, as various posts/links have demonstrated.
My question is related to both of the above: I bought some socks which are a shade or two lighter than the biege cotton trousers I wanted to match with (stupid of me not to go shopping in the trousers, I know); is it inexcusable to wear three shades of brown/tan: dark chocolate brown shoes with the above mentioned combination? I can't decide whether it looks too bad or not; sometimes I think it's OK, other times I don't and regret the sock purchase (big deal, huh?)
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Mine are usually off a bit. Others may have more discipline in this regard. Pics? that might give us a better indication.
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Why not go with another color altogether? I either like my socks to match my trousers fairly closely, or to be noticeably different.
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that combo is fine.
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From the picture it looks ok, though you might want to put on darker socks and see what you think.
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I agree with KitonBrioni

I think the socks are too light in comparison to your shoes (looks like white socks with very dark shoes). I would go with a darker sock
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Argyll forever!!! *runs away from spears and arrows*
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My rule of thumb is I try to match my socks with the trouser or go a shade or two darker.

Then again if I want to spice things-up a little, I have been known to wear pink socks to 'compliment' pinks shirts.


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i kind of like how duncan quinn wears contrasting socks, though i'm sure the majority here would disagree. (pic taken from dandyism.net)
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I don`t disagree at all....looks very good.
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I have heard that the socks should be regarded as the beginning of the shoes, and not as the end of the trousers. Thus, socks should have a colour in line with the shoes (not contrasting too much), but they can indeed make contrast with the trousers. For example, if you wear charcoal trousers and brown shoes, you should wear brown socks (but with another tone than the shoes, so that it is clear where the shoe begins).
Now, maybe this is BS.
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I been told that according to shades, if you take your socks,your trousers and your shoes the socks should not be the one with the ligthest colour.

Of course the socks should also match the colour of the shoes
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