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Does Fat Get Jiggly Before You Lose It?

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I've been on a pretty intense cardio/lifting/diet program for the past week and a half, like 14 more weeks to go haha. But anyways I've noticed that my spare tire has gotten super jiggly. I haven't been able to find any science to explain it, but from random internet nerds it is apparently something that happens before you lose it or as you lose it.

I'm also on 15g creatine monohydrate daily (down from 20g/day last week) and know that this causes water retention. So maybe I've just lost fat and gained water weight from the creatine?

Has anyone else experienced this? When I say jiggly I mean like really jiggly and squishy.
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no but this is true for your face
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You're probably just better hydrated.
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You're probably just better hydrated.

I doubt it. I've always constantly drank water at work; the intake just increased due to the creatine so that's why I'm thinking it has to do with retention from that.
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you've lost a bit of fat so your skin is looser - hence more jiggly.

your skin will tighten up after a while if you keep losing it/maintain for a while.
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Depending on how big your spare was compared to its size now it could be extra skin that hasn't tightened up, or just extra water retention from the creatine. I was under the impression that 5g a day of monohydrate was the normal dosing unless one is in a loading phase.
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most likely your muscles are temporarily swole thus pushing out the fat layer
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Actually- what you describe is true for various reasons. It's a positive sign of your progress.
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Yeah I just slept through my morning cardio, but my lovehandles are like half of what they were last night haha. So yes, this is awesome.
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Yeah, I would think this is due to changes in your muscle. I've noticed that any extra fat I have around my midsection (which isn't too much) frequently feels looser for a day or two after I work it out.
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Thanks, Hartmann..... I was just about to post about squishy fat that Lyle talks about.
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There are no studies to back that up. It's my best guess too, but it's just broscience:
Originally Posted by Lyle
For nearly 20 years I looked for research to support this, I was never sure if it was based on something from the 50’s or he just pulled it out of thin air as an explanation. Recently, one paper did suggest that visceral fat can fill up with water after massive weight loss but that’s about it.
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sure does. i thought it was because the fat is starting to "dissolve" as your body starts burning it up, making it flabbier and more liquidy. that could be BS of course. maybe its just the looser skin before it tightens. anyway, it starts looking looser and that is a very good sign.
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