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Modual, that's very unlucky. Mine was sent as gift (image below). Have you seen the package? Perhaps it was maked gift but UK Customs rejected it? Not sure on the shipping costs, but it is EMS, which is _never_ cheap! I know I'm probably coming across as a fanboy now, but in all honesty I would like to see this forum logic/reason. --Wade
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Yes we're reordering the New Cure, but until the shipment is in the mail, i cant say when they will be available. we'll be sure to let you know.

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Modual, while I'm very sorry about your experience, I'd appreciate your feedback more, if it were accurate and well considered. However, your post is neither.

1. Your shipment was marked a gift.

2. The price reported was below the actual price.

3. You were not billed for the original shipping costs, in addition to receiving a substantial discount.

Lets also keep in mind that, in spite of these measures, it is the customs in YOUR country that insists on charging the tax or duty. I'm terribly sorry, but I can't see any reasoning that would make these charges our responsibility...

Again, I'm very sorry about the situation, but your manner of dealing with this is an embarassment to the normally high standard of discourse on this forum

below is a photo of the receipt for your shipment:
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Unfortunately, not at present, mainly because they're quite expensive, and their 'chargeback' policies are very unhospitable to merchants.. but we're looking into it nonetheless.. perhaps a little further down the road we'll be able to offeset the risk somehow.
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I fail to see how warning people about what could happen if they purchase from you is an embarassment to the standard of discourse on the forum. I have merely stated the facts from what i've experienced and thought i should let people know
I'm yet to see the package so if you say you've sent it as a gift i'll give you that. What has upset me though is you stated in your last email that if i choose to return the item then i will be refunded minus £21 ($40) shipping costs. That i'm afraid is not good service. I have shipped jeans to the states through ebay and even with insurance know it only costs half of what you're quoting.
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Originally Posted by modual
If you are outside of the u.s.a do NOT buy from these people. They said my item would be marked as a gift and it wasnt which has resulted in customs charges of £38 ($75) !!!! They are refusing to help out with these charges and now have the absolute cheek to say if the parcel is returned to them they will charge me £21 ($40) for shipping !!!!! Since when did it cost that amount of money to ship a pair of jeans from the u.s to the u.k ?? Talk about being kicked while your down. Anyway all in all a very poor online shopping experience. Cant wait until i get the "rate the seller" email
Umm, how could you be hit with $75? I paid less than half of that for my shipment which was marked similarly as yours, and UK VAT is significantly lower than what it is over here. Anyways, as ch1nawhyte said, it's really out of their hands whether or not it's hit by customs. Some countries have just become more strict about charging for 'gifts' if the sender is a retailer. There's really no point blaming this particular retailer for this, which has given excellent service imo (the jeans even arrived more quickly than if I were to order them from the apc site, and were cheaper to boot..).
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hello everybody,

the discount code for members to receive 15% at is now "styleforum15" to eliminate mass distribution of this perk.

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Will you ship denim to Norway? I will order some jeans after this summer, and A.P.C is not available in Norway.

I just wanted to check it out, i did really like the New Standard jeans Will you have them in other washes than raw? I got enough raw denim jeans I think.
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yes eternal, we do ship to Norway... check back with us around may, because our online store will be undergoing extensive re-design this summer.

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