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Not unless they pony up. Just saying.
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I get this all the time at the office and when I dont even try to dress up!

Normal work days they say Im all dressed up because I wear a tie.

Casual fridays I get asked for wearing a shirt - even when I wear jeans and shirt untuckedand top button undone.

That said its all from the fellas sent here from the Phillipines whose concept of formal is any top with buttons and a collar and short sleeves and untucked perfectly acceptable in formal situations.
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post

If you decide to sing along while studying the photograph, be sure to change "Christmas" to "Mocha."

- B
Is that the Hometown Buffet?
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
To the contrary, he is personable and polite as far as can be told online, and he always seems to find himself among cute girls.

- B

I look forward to his posts myself.
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Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike View Post

That gallery tells you everything you need to know about the well dressed in baltimore. I think i'd rather see tees and jeans.

Considering that is from The Sun I am not shocked. The quality level of anything related to that paper is bottom of the barrel. There are plenty of people in Baltimore that can dress well, I just didn't happen to see them featured in that slide show.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Is that the Hometown Buffet?

For obvious reasons, doggie bags are banned.

Thus, the spare volume within a topper is a wiley stratagem. This is why many a magician dines there before the full fruits of Vegas fame.

- B
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I have a picture of myself somewhere in my tails and top hat. I will have to find and post it (or take a new one) one of these days, just to show that Tibor is not the only member crazy enough to wear them in public.

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Originally Posted by The Swede View Post
The only correct response is "Good day to you sir" and if they persist "Sir, I said good day to you sir"

I love the style of this one.
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Originally Posted by P-K-L View Post
Almost never encountered such situations - probably something very North American?

+1 The only time I encounter this is when I am in the States. I usually just reply, "This is how I dress," but surprisingly many people will persist with a comment like, "but why?" Sometimes I don't know if they are trying ridicule and be rude, or are just genuinely curious.
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My standard answer to the question:

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If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this in a given week I could go to the mall for a mini shopping spree lol. it is a shame that things are so casual now. there are days that I have on just a nice shirt and slacks and all of the sudden people think i'm off to a wedding or something. It makes me sick really.
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If you're being asked this question a lot you are either in the wrong business or wrong town, possibly both.
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definitely I get the "whoa are you going for an interview" and why are you dressed up on a Friday? when I have jeans with a button shirt and maybe a sport coat. I do work in a lab so I guess people are surprised.
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Originally Posted by Bradford View Post
Do you get asked this question a lot?

I seem to get it every few weeks. Even though our office has a dress code that requires shirt and tie for the men, people tend to comment on my attire more than others.

i got it a lot when i first started dressing nicer at work, then it tapers down and stops.

if you keep getting asked, may i suggest you are over dressing?
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Originally Posted by Made in California View Post
I almost mentioned this guy earlier. Just because you enjoy the look and the aura of sophistication of a tuxedo (not exactly his words, but I think I'm close) does not mean that you can wear one whenever you want to go get coffee. If you love the tux, then that's sad. It means you can't dress how you want. But your choice is to either dress how you want, or to have people think you look silly.

Most people on this board I think agree with what I said above because it's very plain and obvious. So now you need to apply that same logic and imagine the same situation except you are wearing a suit to run your errands. The people who are asking you "Why so dressed up?" see that guy in the tuxedo. For the people here who love wearing suits, that's a hard MF fact a life, but that's a fact of life your ass is gonna have to get realistic about.

I was meeting with a friend at a local coffee shop bar, so I could get a ride to a 1920's themed New Year Party. Most people at the New Years Party were dressed in a similar way.
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