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Nice cardigans...?

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I'm on a bit of a Stay style kick here, so I was wondering if there's any decent cardigans at decent prices. Specifically I'm looking for light grey, chocolate brown, or black. eBay hasn't pulled up anything that worthy, except a brown Lacoste cardigan that has that dreadful alligator embroidery on it. Thanks in advance.
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gap, zara, muji, topman and you should be well away!
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Try Paul & Shark ... bought few of their items in Italy last month...very nice. I belive there are few good sellers on Ebay dealing with this line.
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I think I may go with Gap. Thanks for the tip, luk-cha. There's a very Browne-esque varsity stripe cardigan there that looks really nice.
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welcome! gap stuff is ok and not too pricey
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I think I may see how bidding on this goes though:
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expensive! i think esp for used!
post #8 of 14 Available in Charcoal, Black or Navy.
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OK Cashmere from Banana Republic for $248. Mine's lasted 8 years:

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Urban Outfitters actually has a nice cardigan that is striped. Has 2 colorways, black with thin blue stripes, or navy with white stripes (i think). Actually fits nice. Costs $59.

That ebay link cardigan is nice. The measurements are good for you, it'll have a nice fitted appearance and won't look "Mr Roger-ish"
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club monaco (thom browne's old haunt) has some nice looking ones right now. also, j. press has some nice looking ones, although they may fit like an, um, sack.
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This Desquared2 cardigan is beautiful yet pricey.
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I guess I should have said this before... I'm not looking to spend all that much over $50. Thanks for the tip, Jason. I'll check out their website, I don't think there's a store near me. EDIT: Okay, they're striped but I meant the stripes on the sleeve similar to Thom Browne. Thanks anyway, I may have a look at the solid black one.
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I have two extremely fitted silk/wool cardigans from YSL Rive Gauche circa Slimane.

Apparently none of that sold very well since I got it for a very discounted price from the original, which was quite high, even for today.
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