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How do you use pomade?

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Hey guys. I've never used any products in my hair since swearing off gel in junior high. However I work now and somtimes I just need to get bedhead under control fast.

I'm Asian and have rather dull and dry-ish hair (esp after washing) so someone recommended pomade for extra shine. I got some American Crew Pomade and was surprised by how thick and waxy it is. How much should I be using on short hair? Do you guys apply it to dry or wet hair? Should I mix some water into it before putting it on? Do I have to wash it out at the end of each day? Note that I am still going for a natural look, not full on slicked back like Elvis/Cash.

Also, any further product suggestions?
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I am not understanding all of the gel hatred. Gel is great and can be used in many different situations and look good.

(Sorry, just needed to vent)

Anyway, if you like pomade, I would suggest damp to dry hair, not wet. Putting pomade in wet hair doesn't work all that well IMO (and the directions usually indicate that also).

When I get up in the morning, I usually wet my hair, towel dry it, and then put a small marble size of pomade or gel through my hair (short style). Don't mix water with the pomade unless you are using something like Aveda's control strips which require you to do so.

You don't have to wet the hair first. Some people like to wake up and put the pomade in immediately and go with the messy look. That is a bit too much for me but, whatever...

With too much pomade, your hair can get greasy and be 'slimy' to the touch (especially with American Crew). You won't need very much depending on the style. (mohawks and such obviously require more stuff with a stronger hold)

Finally, it's fine to let gel or pomade in your hair and not wash it for a day or so. The only bad thing will be the mess on your pillows.

When you wake up in the morning, spray some water in the hair and gel will re-activate itself. Or, in the morning, pomade will just require a little work (and maybe a little more pomade) to get the style going again.
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Everything Tck said. Just wanna stress not using it on wet hair. Towel dry until damp and use sparingly.
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Up until about 2 years ago, I used American Crew Pomade for several years. I still use it, but very sparingly now. I'm also Asian, but I have short hair. I used to put a bit in my palm, then add a little water, then rub my palms together to dilute the pomade. Apply to hair, repeat if more control is needed. I found pomade with a bit of water added was easier to apply evenly. At the end of a day, if I was lazy I'd quickly rinse my hair in the sink; although I did occasionally leave it on and my pillow wasn't greased up the next day.
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I used to rock Murray's which has the consistency of candle wax. I'd smear a tiny amount on my hands and run them under water that was as hot as I could stand so it wouldn't be so clumpy. That stuff is disgusting and would make a mess of my pillows.

I kind of got over my post-ironic grooming product phase and use Tigi's "Bed Head" stick. It's kind of like a stick of deodarant (but obviously made of hair wax) that you rub along your hair. I love it because it gives my hair the same texture and feel as if I haven't washed it in a week, minus the smelliness and nastiness. I'd suggest giving that a try.
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I used to rock the pomp and use quite a bit o grease to get the right effect, but nowadays i just use a very small dollop to hold down the sides, and use more of a creme (Garnier surf hair or Jonathan Dirt) for the top/front areas.

but if you do want to go Elvis, here's Pompadour 101
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Thx for the advice guys. I'll try them out.
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Originally Posted by sushijerk

I'm Asian and have rather dull and dry-ish hair (esp after washing) so someone recommended pomade for extra shine.

i also suggest you put some good hair conditioner after washing your hair
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