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Active Endeavors Defarkas Hoody, Navy, Medium

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Ordered the Trovata Defarkas Hoody in Navy, Size Medium, which is sold out in the size at Active Endeavors. Tried it on and figured it's not really for me. I'm planning on returning it, but if anyone here wants it I'll sell it for the price I paid, which is $115, plus shipping. Please let me know by the end of the week (September 8th) if you're interested.
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It's a really cool hoodie. I actually ordered one, tried it on, and finally returned it after deciding that although I liked the piece, it wasn't really me. Good for all those guys into slightly preppy sutff though.
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i ordered one too, size small. it hasnt arrived yet, but im hoping i like it, alot.
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A local store just started carrying Trovata, Rogues Gallery, PRPS, etc. and I saw this hoodie in the store. It's very cool.
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Due to some requests here are a a few dimensions and photos (I apologize for the bad quality and lighting, @ the office and had to take these quickly). Pains me to sell this because the color's great, the linings so soft, and the material's a nice hefty, but not too heavy weight. Chest = 21 3/4" (armpit to armpit) Length = 25 1/2" (from top of shoulder seam to bottom)
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The first and second pic show the color under different lighting (yellow and natural) best. Just FWIW. Yeah. Cool hoodie. Pained me to return mine. BTW, the price went up even on Active, so this is the best deal you're going to get.
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That hoodie rules. I really like the detailing on Trovata pieces. The other night, my wife noticed that little silly letter that they stitched on the inside of my shirt cuff . She said to me, "what's that say? 'You paid too much for the shirt'?"; I laughed. But it wasn't funny. I was just being nice. Someone buy this already!
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Deal fell through with a couple people. If anyone's interested it's still up for grabs.
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the hoodie i ordered just arrived last night. its navy just like the one being sold here and i must say that it is amazing.
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I want this. Does it fit tight like a small or what? you said length from shoulder ot end of sleeve but i would like actual length from shoulder to bottom. thanks

email me at:
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Sorry for the confusion. Fixed the wording in the earlier post. The measurement was actually for the length from the top of the shoulder seam to the bottom (25 1/2").
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That's so strange... I never saw these posts but picked up the grey version today at Odin. Very cool hoodie
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Still available? PM sent. I can paypal the money asap.
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Sold Sold Sold
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anybody know where to find one of these in small?
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