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winter hats

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I know this is a bad topic to post on labor day b/c most of you are off of work/the internet today. Bt anyway, I got my forst winter coat yesterday and I was pretty stoked until I realized that I'll have to wear a hat too b/c it ets COLD in chicago-global warming and all, I'll still need a hat. In the last two years I've been here, I haven't seen one decent example of good hat wearing. what does sf reccomend?
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I suggest a simple toque, or beanie, like you crazy Americans say. Get a few. One in each charcoal, navy, and brown should do it, but I like to have some pattern in them, even a contrasting color trim. A rich melange would also make them more visually interesting. And get them in rich alpaca or cashmere. Even the good hats are not that expensive, so don't skimp. The difference in both quality and comfort is obvious.
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Best worn with earmuffs.
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Stormy Kromer perhaps? Edit to say that the brimless rocks. I might need one before deer season.
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IMO, there is no reason to be uber fashionable with winter caps. I bought a $12 military brim hat and its amazing, and my banana republic $30 one is still going strong, like 4 years later.....
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I usually cut my hair really short as winter rolls in because I know I'll be wearing a toboggan (beanie, whatever) for the whole winter, and hat-head is not kind to my hair (very fine and cowlicky, adheres to my skull like an amorous starfish). I pick them up at the Dollar General store, one for wearing normally and one for any activity where I'm likely to get sweaty and stinky.

I don't think I've ever had a "nice" knit hat ... it's not that I have anything against the idea, it just never really occurred to me. LA Guy (or anyone else), can you recommend any online outlets for "nice" knit hats? The cheaper the better.
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oh, nomovement, I think you're hard on Chicago. I'm in Chicagoland, and I've seen quite a few men on Michigan Avenue, or on Oak Street, wearing smart looking hats. I always wear a hat, during winter. I freeze, otherwise.

Personally, I like Borsalino styles. For those of you seeking a knit cap, you might try Bluefly? They've got some big markdowns, on knit caps. J Crew carries some jazzy ones . . . soon after fall, begins.
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I bought a beaver and rabbit fur hat last winter to wear at the ski hill. I bought it from a Native craft store in Northern Ontario and it's extremely comfortable and warm. I'm not sure if that is the style you are going for though.
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coming from finland i know a thing or too about winter hats i guess...

i'd recommend the aviator hat from "Canada Goose" :

If not that then buy an oversized beanie or an awesome beanie from Dior if you are willing to pay a lot...
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Just a regular russian rabbit fur hat with ear-flaps.
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I wear a Persian lamb ambassador hat, sort of like this:
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sf rules. thanks for the advice.
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Dispite living in the Bay Area, I often wear a snow beanie. Or a beanie of my favorite football team in white. It shouldn't make you look like you're trying too hard to look casual with the right clothing.
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"Trying too hard to look casual" is rarely a problem for me.
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I want the eg bucket hat, lemme find a pic.

edit: found it

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