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Hi Jay,


Thanks for posting. That is the only example of a 'waxed jacket having been through the wash' that i have found online. I've a very old Belstaff jacket and am getting fed up with its constantly damp feel - and smell. I don't mind ruining the protective/water proofing but want to wear it without feeling all waxy. It'd been re-waxed so many times that the inside lining also feels waxy. It currently looks very similar to your last picture, but a fair bit dirtier/darker.


What were the effects of sticking it in the machine? Did most of the wax come off first time?

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excellent results!!


i'm VERY interested in how you dyed the wax cotton... can you outline your steps? I want a campbell jacket but in the old fashioned olive, and they only do black.

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excellent results!!

i'm VERY interested in how you dyed the wax cotton... can you outline your steps? I want a campbell jacket but in the old fashioned olive, and they only do black.

This reply is a little late, but here goes anyway.

Step 1 : I took the standard black Campbell Cooper jacket and put it thru the washing machine about 4 times on a 40 degree wash. This pretty much removed all the wax, plus it make the jacket a little more irregular in shape overall.

Step 2 : I bought a pack of dylon dye stripper - this is the stuff that removes colour pryor to dying. I filled my bath up enough to cover the jacket and left it in overnight. When I came back to it the following morning the jacket was a kind of yellow brown colour

Step 3 : I washed the jacket again.

Step 4: I bought a pack of green dye and dyed the jacket in the washing machine.

Step 5: I let it dry completely and then re-waxed it.

So, that's a lot of work and some might say better to just pick up a second hand Barbour and save yourself the hassle - But I knind of enjoyed the transformation - Filled a dull weekend !!!
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yes i have bought from campbell copper and they are very good stood up well in 20 degrees below weather and im ordering again from david

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I recently bought a jacket from Chequered Flag, they are currently selling a black Trialmaster style jacket on ebay at a very reasonable £89. Here's my quick review;

I wasn't sure what to expect for this price tag - But actually the jacket is really nice. It's a heavyweight 12 Oz wax cotton with a check lining that's exactly the same pattern as my Barbour International. The fit is good - not tailored but equally not too baggy. It has all the features you'd expect from a Belstaff Trialmaster, four main pockets, a zipped inside pocket, adjustable cuffs and buckle and strap at the neck plus shoulder and elbow patches. As for it's ability to keep the rain out, well I wore it on the bike through a 40 minute rain shower and it kept me dry !

What don't I like about it ? Well not much really, the press studs are shiny brass yet the buckles are antique, so it's a shame they didn't use antique all round. Also the press studs don't feel quite as good quality as my Barbour Intl, they spin around on the fabric rather than being stamped firmly on - that said they don't feel at all like they are likely to fall off. A nice detail is it also has two mesh vent studs under each arm.

Another feature is the interchangeable flag option on the left breast pocket - again a nod to Belstaff. Basically you get a selection of flags; Union jack, Stars & Stripes, Welsh, Scottish and Irish which use velcro to attach them to the tag under the pocket. But quite why anyone would want to fly the welsh flag is beyond me u k fl ag

The shoulder and elbow patches, well again being picky, but it would be nice if these were double stitched like a Belstaff rather than just single.

I've worn the jacket solidly over the past month and I have to say I'm loving it - It just feels solid. This jacket is the cheapest in the Speedwear range but I have say it certainly doesn't feel budget. They also sell a de-luxe 'Continental in Black or Brown (£169) and that has a zip-out liner and pockets for armour - So you can get some extra insulation and protection for a bit more cash.

Here's the ebay link if anyones interested;
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very very good

i think one needs one size smaller to make it fit better

what do you think

for a medium like me

i think extra small

might be better because

that would even be a bit big (40 inch chest)


look forward to your reply



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dear jay-ninja

i wrote for the first time without mentioning your name

please find my message to you 2 minutes ago


kind regards jon duncan

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