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Any pics yet of results?
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$800 or $900 for a suit of unknown construction, unknown cloth quality, made by a scan and no human adjustment sounds like one of the worst deals ever. I can think of a couple of dozen better options than this.
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Although I have not posted a picture foo.gif I was completely satisfied both in fit and fabric. Nothing special,i t was a standard Southwick 3B Lawrence with some adjustments. I gave it a shot because there's not many stores I can walk into and try on a size 35 jacket like I did here. I wish I had ordered a couple more - since costco's not partnered up with Southwick anymore, they told me I could order from any Southwick retailer - unfortunately it is a little over twice the costco price and not worth it.
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Looks like the latest iteration of the Costco Graham & Gunn roadshow will be in Washington, Virginia, and California (both SoCal & NoCal) in May.

Here's a link:

I may check it out. Don't need/want one of these suits, but I could definitely use some new everyday work slacks. The regular Italian-made Kirkland wool slacks have been a solid value at $50, but almost all of them come pleated/cuffs, and for a change of pace, I want some flat-front, plain-hemmed pairs. Curious to see what it'll be like.
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Mine didn't turn out so nice. It was a chest only canvas lined piece that fit well around the shoulders and the chest. However the arm holes were to large and low on the jacket that made moving my arms next to impossible. The sleeves were too long (perhaps to err on the conservative side). But then the pants were too tight and with no room leftover anywhere.
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