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The cinch sacks (egh) seem like the sort of thing someone with horrendous grammar might slag about.
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Well, I've been carrying a Tumi-like bag for ages (replaced 3-4 of them during the last 9 years as I really hate stuff in my pockets). All of them were intended for carrying still/video cameras or gadgets. When I started carrying one nobody here (Israel) carried one of these (Waist pouches were popular and I really-really hated that look). Today side bags are very common and people even carry their 9mm handguns in it (I'm not joking!). It's usually this look: View 1: Alternative view: Nobody here thinks you're a sissy for carrying one (bag not gun). Anyway the Freitags are carried accross the shoulder like a small messenger bag: See photo 2nd from the right (Ingnore yellow collor). I agree that carrying it by hand (2nd from left) doesn't look very masculine. As for the cinch alternative suggested by Smooth Genes - these were popular among kids here 25 years ago and you can't see them around today anywhere - Fashion is very location-related you know. Also as you become older (I'm 36) you develop your own style and don't really care about what others say (That's very teenage like). I'll take your advice though and won't carry my bag around when I'm in the States and avoid those cinch-bag-carrying-goons you were referring to (If they do mock me I'll hit'em on the head with my purse, er side-bag.) P.S.
Unless you are a flaming homosexual i highly suggest you do what the rest of us men do, stuff your pockets full of all your shit and live with it.
I'm not a "flaming Homo" (Not that there's anything wrong with it!) or whatever that means, I just hate it when my pockets are full and I do have to carry stuff around. Cheers, Chipopo
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anyone know where you can get that freitag bag online?

been on a crusade trying to find this for a long time.... a very small bag that I can carry around the city to house [key, wallet, phone]... this looks like it comes closest
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I like to carry small messenger bags but I think this Freitag bag is a little cutesy-poo.
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@dingleberry: Go!
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Originally Posted by Smooth Genes
Lol whatevers clever i guess.

Just make sure your wearing your matching heels.

Dude, I am so beyond matching my purse to my heels.
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Originally Posted by Simonster
@dingleberry: Go!

don't think they ship to US
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Aren't you "REST OF WORLD" ? ;-) Anyway, under "Storelocator" you can nontheless find over a dozen shops in the US.
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Originally Posted by chim
man, do what you want to do. If you wanna carry a manbag, go ahead and carry the damn manbag. If you're so afraid that someone is going to pop out of the woodworks and point at you and go "OH MY GOD LOOK AT HIS BAG ITS JUST LIKE A PURSE... A WOMANS PURSE BWAHAHAHA", which will reduce you to tears, then maybe you should just get a pair of abercrombie jeans and sandals and just go with the status quo.

People have been carrying messengers and manbags for eons, its called having the confidence to back it up. Everybodys into slim jeans now, yet a mere 2 years ago the majority of this board would have been like ha ha! girls pants!

Yeah...I still say that! Slim jeans drive me up the wall and down the otherside. I think it was because my parents forced me into tapered pants as a child I will never wear anything vaguely like that again.
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sg wrote: Lol whatevers clever i guess.

Just make sure your wearing your matching heels.

"Methinks he doth protest too loudly."
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