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Buttero Sneakers.. Where to find.

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I where on a mission a few months ago to find the Buttero SS10 Sneakers, Couldn't find them anywhere. I Emailed Buttero in Japan and Italy, but didn't get one reply back..

This is the line of shoes im looking for:

I know ss10 can be hard to find now, but ill give this a go anyways.

Let the hunt begin!
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Thanks. Actually emailed this store before about this matter without any replies. Tried again now though.
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Give these guys a call:
(212) 302-5470

They had a lot of the collection (I got a pair there - great sneakers), but not sure what they'd have left at this point.

FWIW, this pair:, which I was going to buy is VERY uncomfortable. The sneaker is canvas, but the toe box top is thick leather, right where your foot bends, and it digs into the top of your foot.
All the others are very comfortable.

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Thanks! Gonna give the kingofgreenestreet a chance. Im in sweden though so email would be easier.. Well i guess i can call from work. Yeah it was the leather ones i was going for. What model did you cop?
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Number 8. Perforated leather.
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Shusta in Berlin/Germany stocks them. They ship worldwide...
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Oh thanks. Did get hold of a pair from kingofgreenstreet, but those from shusta is dope! Might give those a chance at the end of the mont too.. Thanks Tee!
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Wow those are nice.. Anybody know where I can Buttero in London??

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I hate to bump an old thread, but I have a similar question and nothing more recent or relevant showed up in a search. I am looking for one of two models of the Buttero AW12 high-top sneakers.





or these:




Both places are sold out of my size, and I think the pair from Por Vocacao might be an online exclusive to their shop. I did find one other site that has them in my size, but it is in Italian and from the spotty Google translation I think they only ship within Italy:


I have e-mailed them to ask, but I haven't heard back yet. Does anyone know of any other online stores that carry these?

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Hi I finally found a nice selection of Buttero shoes based in the UK..


Check it out here most styles are on SALE!!!

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Does anyone have experience with the Buttero white Tanino's? They scuff very easy. Are they meant to be that way?
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