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Oh, crikey

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Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has died after being struck by a stingray barb in Queensland.

Mr Irwin, 44 died after the stingray barb went through his chest while he was shooting a documentary off Port Douglas.

The Queensland Police Service has confirmed Mr Irwin's death. In a statement, it said Mr Irwin collapsed after being stung by a sting ray at Batt Reef, off Port Douglas, about 11am.

After being struck, Mr Irwin's crew called for medical treatment and the Emergency Management Queensland Helicopter responded, but he was dead before the treatment arrived.

The statement said Mr Irwin's family has been advised.

His American-born wife Terri is reported to be trekking on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.

A spokesman for the Queensland Ambulance Service said officers attended the scene on Low Isles via helicopter at 12.04pm today and arrived back in Cairns at 12.53pm.

"The area it was delivered to was the problem. A sting ray hit to the chest is a big problem," he said.

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R.I.P. you crazy bastard...

At least the Crocs never got you.
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This is really sad, and somewhat ironic. I always thought that his life would end from a crocodile attack.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
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he is a loss to animal lovers. i always admired his pursuing what he obvioulsy loves doing, and his bottomless energy and enthusiasm in his work. cheers, mate!
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Im going to Netflix his movie as a remembrance.
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I once found myself in the Australian parliament to hear a speech, and Steve Irwin sat next to me (wearing a khaki shirt and shorts). He was a charming guy. As Letterman would say, "a brush with greatness." RIP.
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^ He really was a genuinely nice guy. Loss of a great Australian.
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This is probably the manliest way to die. What a ballsy guy.

RIP Steve.
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The strange thing is (from what I've read) that people don't die from getting stung by sting rays. The sting is quite painful but people are usually ok and survive. The stinger apparently went in between his ribs and hit is heart which is what killed him. Very tragic and sad. A freak accident indeed, but looking on the bright side, it was quick and he was doing what he loved! That's the way to go!
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I always regarded him as something of a buffoon, but I can think of many people more deserving of an untimely end. He certainly seemed sincere in his commitment to wildlife preservation. Interestingly, my stepson had been present at a stingray "attack" just a couple of weeks ago. It was of the common type--a woman got it in the foot, and the injury certainly didn't seem life threatening. He was surprised that a stingray injury could be fatal. I guess Irwin swam too close to a large one and got it in the chest where the stinger penetrated his heart (or caused a heart attack according to the latest news). Stringrays are abundant in the Colorado Lagoon a stone's throw from my house. On warm days it is teeming with children. I am surprised that more aren't injured by the rays. The locals never go into the lagoon, more from fear of pollution than the stringrays.
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I once asked the director of my local zoo if he ever watched the "Crocodile Hunter" and he replied "I can't watch that guy, he scares me".

R.I.P. Steve Irwin
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I am with you guys... but I thought for some reason, he wouldnt die from the "obvious" that he would be the one to die of a ripe old age since he took so many daring chances.. usually always is the opposite... either way he will be missed.

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An unfortunate series of events that led to the demise of one of the world's most passionate animal lovers. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and with Australians everywhere.
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i think pat o'brien (of all people!) said it well when he said steve irwin's demise is like a superhero you and your kids watch regularly on tv suddenly dying. you just can't believe it. anyway, the outpouring of grief and love for the guy is tremendous! and i was touched by his dad's public statements, and the archived interview of their daughter saying when she grows up she will become just like her daddy.
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