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ken, unfortunate times are good for us if they help us to put things in perspective. keep a good additude and have faith that you'll be a stronger wiser person when this phase of your life is over. trust me. i've been there too. i think the rest of us have been comparing apples and oranges from the beginning and we're all starting to have to repeat ourselves. we obviously don't see eye to eye on this and i don't think we can even agree on what the argument is about.   anyway, merry christmas and happy hannukah to everyone. let's put this one to rest.
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I'll see your:
And raise you a:
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Yes, let's hang this one up. Meanwhile, I'm going to go start a restaurant next door to matadorpoeta's restaurant -- I'll just always sell my food and drinks for $0.01 less than he does and I'll take away all his customers because he will have a moral obligation to send them all my way. Happy Holidays, Y'all.
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