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Is it possible...

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Alright, here's an interesting question. I recently purchased a pair of Earnest Sewn Hutch jeans a the Forumal 21 was. I love the fact that they come with the predistressed honey combs already on the legs, but I've been wondering something about them lately. Is it possible for prewashed jeans that already have honey combs to develop more over time or not? If you guys have any pictures, show me. Edit: 200th post!
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I think that anyone understood my question. So here it is again. Is it possible for new honeycombs to form in prewashed jeans that already have them?
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I don't see why not. Wear is going to occur, whether they've been predistressed or not.
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Good evening, WNJF and PG2G. Here for our consideration is a pair of Diesel Rabox with factory-installed honeycombs after many many washings and many years of wear. The prefab hachinosu looked like razor-slashes; the fakeycombs have since been obscured by the rill dill.
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Ah, I though so. I guess that my hutches will look better over time, which is a great thing.
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I'm sure they will. The problem with pre-distressed is if there are pre-set honeycombs they land somewhere below the back of your knees. At least for us shorter folks. You may end up with two sets of honeycombs.
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Especially when most "premium" brands do not make the proper length for my stubs. Shortest is often a 32, when I need a 30. But, to answer/confirm your question, I had a pair of reasonably dark pre distressed jeans from Gap, and they wore in over a long time, to look good.
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i think this is the case where one can see the allure of raw denim. buying pre-distressed makes it impossible to have wear that exactly matches your body. furthermore, your own wear marks superimposes onto the pre-distressed marks, creating a bit of a weird effect, especially with the whiskers.
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