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Haircut advice?

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What style looks better - longer or shorter? I'm debating getting it cut really short again. longer: shorter: if shorter, how short should i get it cut? thanks
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IMO, shorter.
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would it look good shorter? if so, how much shorter?
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Originally Posted by jack567 View Post
Yes, I think short hair looks better than long. The short crop has never gone out of the style. The important is that it works for all face shapes.

I'd disagree with that .... I think I look terrible with short hair and just look ill (And others agree with me)

However for the OP I agree that short looks better.
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short is definately better
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You're balding, so it looks better shorter for sure.
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aha, I finally figured out who "Shorty" is!
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Whoever cut your hair in the second pic did a really bad job of it. Your hair shouldn't be cut that short so high above the ear. The back doesn't look so great either. You should aim for a more gradual fade.
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