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Originally Posted by underwearer View Post
I love the smell of Kiwi polish it reminds me of bootcamp.

I wouldn't worry about the health risks, we use to shine the hell out of our boots everyday (Im sure way more than the average non-military person.)
On a related subject, when I was getting my son ready for Marine Corps boot camp last year, I spent an evening teaching him to do a proper spit shine for his dress shoes. To my chagrin, I discovered at his graduation that they now issue patent leather shoes to everyone, and that the combat boots aren't shined at all. What is this world coming to? Oy!
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Originally Posted by Tarmac View Post
open the window
It's too cold for that.
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Try the Saphir polishes and a conditioner like Crema Alpina. These products smell MUCH better than Kiwi, etc.

Snappy, I'm curious about the organic polishes. Can you tell us more?
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I'm currently accumulating testimonials from the handful of people that I had test this product and hope to have that relatively soon. I can tell you that it smells great, unless you don't like the smell of Oranges. It's definitely not too strong or overpowering and I have used it indoors with no problem.

It seems that the Saphir Polish is highly recommended around here and I regret that I haven't tried the Saphir myself.

I'm almost finished with the shopping cart and should have it completed tonight or tomorrow hopefully. Product is shipping to me tomorrow and should be here in 5 to 10 days. Thanks for the interest and please feel free to stop by the site at www.snappydressers.com Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by josepidal View Post
It's too cold for that.
Turn on your oven vent/fan, pull up a stool, lay an old towel on the stove, and go for it. That's what I do, anyway.
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Philosophe, I sent you a PM. Also folks, we are running a 10% coupon for our next 20 customers. Coupon will be redeemed at checkout. This includes backorders as well. Take care.
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Correction! We have decided to change the coupon promotion to 15% and it will run until November 30th. Coupon code is SNAPPY15 and applies to product only. Inventory is en route and should be here in the next couple of days. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will enjoy this product. Don't take my word for it, go to our [url="http://www.snappydressers.com/Testimonials.html"[/URL] page and read about it yourself. Thanks again.
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