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Experimenting with Magnoli Clothiers...

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Getting the yellowish-olive twill trousers from Stay replicated. They'd be $95 shipped. Sure, I could get them in a less dead-on colour from Baron Boutique for a lower price, but I really am interested in the quality of Magnoli Clothiers. Thoughts? I sort of want something I'd wear more and less expensive before I'd get a suit from them. Also, I'd be able to report a bit about their quality to curious members. Yes, I am getting them just as highwatered.
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Sounds interesting; I have visited their web site prior but have not actually seen anyone speak of them. It would be interesting to see how your experience with them goes. Have you emailed them? Is there response time good?
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Go to The Fedora Lounge and search on "Magnoli".
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I've emailed him several times, he responds rather quickly. I hope this won't become like Jantzen though, where if they're found to be great quality vs. price he'll be swamped with emails and orders. otterhound: I would, but it would seem there is no search function unless you register. Since all my accounts are free ones, I don't think it'll be possible to either... unless they accept Gmail.
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I've seen that thread before. Rarely do they speak about the construction, but I do know it's $70 more for full canvassing on suits.
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He also gets a lot of mention on IndyGear (he does a workboot similar to the Alden original, as well as certain other Indiana Jones replicas). He seems to concentrate on vintage styles and on movie replicas (Indiana Jones, James Bond, etc.). He seems to be generally well regarded at both Fedora Lounge and IndyGear (I know he posts on the IndyGear forum frequently). On IndyGear, there was a spirited discussion regarding whether Indiana Jones' tuxedo jacket seen at the beginning of Temple of Doom had satin collars or not. Magnoli's solution was to offer the jacket in either style.

All of that said, I have never personally purchased from him.
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Wow, they have custom shoes for less than the cost of a pair of AE! Crazy.
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