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Need Some Help PLEASE!

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ok sorry if this is like a "noob" type question really really appreciate anybodys help...

I want to buy some A.P.C. jeans i went throught their website...but when i have to create my account and select a country from the drop down list...THERE IS NO UNITED STATES...So I cant create the account with the correct info therefore i cant even make an order.

Anyone see the U.S. on there? or anyone from the U.S. ever order from them??

their site also says U.S. residents can order through the website or the email...well i cant through the website cause theres no USA on the list and theres no response to emails? Do i have to go elsewhere other than directly from APC? PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH SOME INFO. kinda frustrating cause i really want to get my pair. thanks.
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Here's a link to the US site. You should have better luck there.
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you should just call denimbar and mention that you're from styleforum-they'll give you a discount (or they'll just be cheaper than the apc site), sizing advice, and they'll ship to you faster. I think their number is on their splashpage look it up.
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very cool.

thanks for your kind help.

the guys on the Euro-foreign site couldnt even answer an email to redirect me to the U.S. site? sheesh. smh.

thanks though. i appreciate it.
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second what nomovement says. Mauro and co. at denimbar are very cool to deal with. picked up two pairs of APCs from them. just remember though, i believe their returns are only for store credit.

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