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Jantzen Suits

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Anyone done one recently??

Comments on Quality, Cut, Fabrics and particularly Price?


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I think someone here has one and liked it.
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Search is your friend. Go to Search > jantzen suits > enter. Should be a thread there dating in May or June I believe where there were pictures included.
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yeah, searched already, seen Toiletducks, etc...

I have investigated and also ordered from Ricky in the past, but considering that some have had issues with shirt quality in recent weeks, and there has been a price increase in April / May, I was wondering if some of these might be applicable on the suit front also


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I haven't had a suit made by Jantzen but I did have a pair of flannel trousers made while I was in HK. The material has worn through half a dozen places in about 5 wearings.

The shirts I have had made have been fine, although I wouldn't trust the material quality of other garments again.
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With all the threads complaining about Jantzen lately, it would seem that caution is the word.
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have a friend who lives in hk and is a regular client of ricky's. although jantzen suits are decent, you could do better with other tailors there.
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acidic boy: which other tailors are better at around that price point? need some recommendations
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Hey Duck,

You had posted before about some RTW suits and jackets that you had picked up in HK. You know anyone doing formalwear (Tuxes and the like) also?

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Haven't really seen many HK brand offer tuxes, but there is actually a place in Causeway Bay Place (E-Exit from Causeway bay MTR station) which offers fashion forward type tux/suits. Never considered buying anything there though - the quality leaves much to be desired. Theres the standard, Gieves and Hawkes, Kent & Curwen offerings, but no point buying those in HK when you can go.... Tailored!...Many in Central Alexandra house (Ah Man Hing Cheong? and probably 5 other makers) - the higher end of tailors in HK. Many here have experience with WW Chan on Nathan Road...and there are just about 100 others in Tsim Tsa Tsui. I think Luk-Cha has much better knowledge in terms of who to go to for custom clothing. Luk Cha any thoughts?
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Originally Posted by Toiletduck
acidic boy: which other tailors are better at around that price point? need some recommendations

hey toilet,
didnt know there was a price point in the discussion. but aside from wwchan and ah man cheong, my friend also has praises for this tailor in the bank of america building mezzanine level in central. i'm pretty sure the price of their suit is higher than what ricky offers
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