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Slim/Short Polos

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I'm a small guy at 5'4". I typically wear size 28x32 pants (30" long if I can find some) and slim-fitted shirts. I've always loved how polos look but they just don't work for me. Their sizes seem to run really big even for a small. The length of the polos are longer than shirts and just seems really baggy. What I'm leading to is: are there any slim-fitted polos that anyone can recommend for a small guy? I know Ralph Lauren has custom-fitted polos but I'm not sure how those are. If anyone can recommend any, please let me know!
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lacoste and RL custom-fits run small than the usual, so this might be a good option.penguin polos are cut slim and short so they fit snugly(also a good choice)and so are diesel and morphine generation
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I have a A+Dam stretch polo I bought for about $30 from Bluefly that fits really well. Might take a look at those.
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RL Custom fit polos, size small, are pretty small and trim. Definitely give that a shot.
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i really like the fit of Mason's polos. got a few on sale at Penguin, like jc23 mentioned is also good. and really, if you can find the right size, RL polos aren't too bad.

have not had good luck with Lacoste though.

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Original Penguin are cut very slim (Munsingwear/Grand Slam are not). Unfortunately, they aren't short. I usually have my tailor lop 3-4 inches off the bottom and then they usually look OK.
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Custom fit RL polos are very slim fitted. The only problem is that they might look long on you. The rear vent is cut very long so it may look disproportionate from the back. Lacoste polos are pretty short and will shrink vertically in the dryer (if need be). However they do run a bit boxy. If you're lean, you might want to stick with the retro fit lacoste polo as the arms holes are cut higher and the sides are taken in relative to the classic fit. I'll probably get hated on for this but Abercrombie and Fitch makes their polos very short and tight. The only problem is that the majority of their polos have some vexing distress marks or "sunbleaching." If you can find a polo to your liking, A&F cuts will probably be a good match. And like one of the previous posters mentioned, Adam polos run very small and tight so they may be worth your interest.
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Originally Posted by Stalker McStalkerson
Custom fit RL polos are very slim fitted. The only problem is that they might look long on you. The rear vent is cut very long so it may look disproportionate from the back.
I second that. I own 4 of them and they all run pretty long, especially in the back (more than halfway down my ass). The fit in the chest and sleeves is great though, more preferrable than LaCoste retros in my opinion.

Lacoste retros are definitely shorter than RL custom-fits, so i'd go for that. The only other polo I've had experience with is Penquin. They're comparable to Lacostes. Hope this helps.
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i second morphine generation polos. they def slim and short, but if rocker inspired graphics are not your cup o tea, you'll have to look elsewhere.
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gap kids? polo kids?
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I have some Original Penguin Polos which fit amazing, but it seems any that I've found from this season seem to be cut fuller. Last month I bought a couple from Nordstrom Rack without trying them on and they were a bit off. I compared them to my older Penguins and the new ones are 1" wider when laid flat.

They're fuller cut and most of them list $10-$15 cheaper than last seasons. I'd assume they're trying to go more mainstream and appeal to a different market (a'la Paper Denim & Cloth)
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John Smedley polos are fitted and shortish
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my suggestion is check at thrift stores, as vintage polos seem to fit more to what youre looking for.
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