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layering with polo

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what can i layer OVER a polo in a chilly weather

i don't know if sweaters are gonna work and same with button ups
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Sweaters can work if it's a half or a full zip. Cardigans can be used as well (though go for a more fitted fit than your grandfather's baggy one.)
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I personally would stick to cardies, sweaters, coats and scarves. Sweaters may or may not work, depending on fabric/design. Zippered ones as already mentioned, definitely. Crew neck, possibly. V-neck, not convinced personally. Buttoned shirts layer better over T-shirts than polos in my opinion.
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Two polos worn under an BroBroClo oxford cloth button-down.
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I layer t-shirts, longsleeved or short, over polos all the time. A v-neck works especially well.
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I can't see why any decent stylish cool weather item would not work with a polo. Perhaps you shoulld post a picture of what you're thinking of going over a polo.
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A v-neck sweater would work. Also, I'd try making the polo shirt the outerpiece with a long sleeved shirt underneath the polo. Alternatively, the long sleeve shirt could be a buttonless henley and/or a long sleeved thermal shirt.
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mrchapel- thanks i think i'm going to try that look

and for those of you who suggested v-neck sweaters, would i tuck in my polo as i would if i were wearing a button down underneath? do i keep my collar under the sweater or is it ok for the collar to be hanging out?

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Personal preference, although if you're slim and it is long enough, tucking in the polo could keep it from causing the sweater to bunch up.
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As you've seen from the responses above, there are a lot of possibilities for keeping up your polos during the cold weather. I have actually had good luck with sweaters and polos, although it looks best in my opinion if you wear a complementing sweater and polo.
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