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Steve B. I am not expressing a gripe. I was merely trying to explain my lack of posts. If you took this as a "public complaint", please accept my most sincere public apology. Not only do I have the highest respect for your volunteer work with the Style Forum, I also believe that it is entirely within your pervue to make determinations as to what you consider commercial and what is not. However, the bulk of my time these days is spent as an educator. I teach fine art and I teach the making of fine clothing. I remain to this day quite bewildered that you made the determination you did, namely that my hundreds of replies to members shirt questions were commercial in nature. As you are well aware, I entered the Style Forum solely for the purpose of defending myself against what many considered to be an unwarranted personal attack against me. By so entering I was barraged with questions about the making of custom shirts. As of today, that barrage consists of 361 members who have read the articles I wrote on shirtmaking and another 100 or so private e-mails containing further shirtmaking questions which I have answered privately. The enjoyment I get from this lies not in the benefit derived by my wallet, but as so eloquently expressed at Ask Andy's by Spalla, the overall benefit to the future of the art of bespoke clothing. It is my belief that the more knowledgeable the consumer, the better they will drive the makers to perform. That can only benefit the bespoke arts. I would have thought that as one who has so heavily invested his life in researching this field, such would have been obvious to you.
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Welcome back. Does this mean we'll be enjoying reading your posts on this forum once again?
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Huh? Did I miss something? I wadn't aware of any gripe Steve B. had with you. At any rate, the trolls are gone, so this place is a lot friendlier for it. But you could have at least put this into a private email.
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It takes a big man to publicly apologize. Now that everyone is friends again let's get back to eliminating poor fashion sense in the world - our true goal :-) Good to seeya bud.
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To All: Alex and I have sorted out our differences, which were due primarily to misperceptions and miscommunications by both parties. He was, is, and hopefully will be, a valued member of this Forum.
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