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Battistoni Suits

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Hey folks, I found a couple of very cool Battistoni suits at the Barney's Wearhouse sale. I know they make great ties, anyone have experience with their suits? They're now $1100 and I'm thinking of picking up one if they get marked another down 50%. (no white tag!!!)
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I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for 50%, the Battistoni suits usually don't get a final markdown or they get pulled off the racks just prior to it. Not to say it could't happen but it's been rare. For around $500 you would be getting an awesome suit IMHO, but for the $1,100 or so I would tend to think you could find some Oxxford or Isaia for much less there...
Good Luck
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They are very nice suits, tailored in Italy by Sartoria Castangia. A pretty good deal at retail.
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if there are battistoni shirts on sale i would also look into picking one of those up. I have a couple and they are among my favourite.
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i just saw some battistoni at barneys today on rodeo drive, it is the top of the line suit brand for barneys. they are well made from italy handmade and are very expensive.

i also saw some kitons, isaia, and brionis as well today. nice fabrics on all except for the isaias, i dont know, it must be a lesser line of isaia. also saw etro. kiton is very expensive in the 4000 usd range but i cant find with my uneducated eye what the difference lies when you pay that much, yes it is a very beautiful and nice feeling suit, but ive seen canalis and zegnas at 1/5 the cost that feel and look the same way. can someone enlighten me a little?
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Originally Posted by A Harris
They are very nice suits, tailored in Italy by Sartoria Castangia. A pretty good deal at retail.

A.Harris, Did St Andrews make the suits for Battistoni at some point? The one Battistoni I have have inside labels very similar to St. Andrews.
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There's a 42S at the Barney's warehouse sale -- white tagged down to $550. It's an interesting color (a tan plaid type deal), but I would've bought it if it were my size
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