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What color shirt with grey herringbone jacket?

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What color shirt goes well with a grey jacket?

Also, is there a rule of thumb for what color sweater goes with what shirt? (ie lighter shirt:dark sweater, striped shirt:solid sweater, etc.)
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If you learned the basics of colour-matching, then you would automatically know the answer to this as well as many other questions. Or you could just try on different colours and see which ones you like instead of getting other people to dress you. This sort of question just shows a complete lack of aesthetic sensibility. FWIW, the most obvious answers would be light blue or light pink, but there are countless possibilities, especially when you include combinations of shirt and sweater.
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Is there a good thread/website on color matching?
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Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum View Post
This sort of question just shows a complete lack of aesthetic sensibility.
Let's say that's true, and let's also say he can't do anything about it. (Lots of men are color-blind to one degree or another.) That leaves two choices:

1. He comes here to get advice, and dresses consistently well as a result.
2. He dresses poorly at times.

I'd think that the first option is much more in the SF spirit than the second, but maybe I'm wrong.
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I saw a nice Canali print ad the other day. This isn't the exact ad, but it shows the very basic idea of an elegant white shirt under a dark sweater or vest with a grey jacket. I think that I'll be favoring this classic look this season. I'm not really wild about the asymmetry of the vest or sweater that Yankee's relief pitcher Mariano Rivera is sporting in the pic above, but I think you'll get the idea. I'm probably a bit too caucasian (i.e. - pasty) to put this look to its best advantage.
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The great thing about a grey sportcoat, or a grey cardigan etc. is that it is a neutral color that goes with (almost) anything. Depending on your situation you can have a solid shirt or a subtle patterned shirt in nearly any color (except grey unless you want a monochromatic look).

Here are some suggestions though that I like...
As someone else said, light blue and light pink are great.
Navy blue
an ecru or cream color
purple (light or dark)
light green

I could go on and on.

Just experiment with some shirts you already have and see what contrasts best with your skin tone and eye color. If you are trying to make the shirt stand out, go for a bolder color. If you are trying to be conservative, go with a light color and a patterned tie to compliment the shirt and make the herringbone pattern on the jacket pop out in contrast.

Style is suppose to be about fun and experimentation. Always ask for advice, but never think there is only one or two right ways to do anything
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Originally Posted by Loose On The Lead View Post
(Lots of men are color-blind to one degree or another.)

here here! EASILY the hardest part of putting a fit together is finding matching/complimentary colors.

not easy to do when everything you see is white <-- gray --> black, brow, blue and yellow
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Beside going with a similar color to the jacket it's self there isn't really a color that will not work well with it. white lt blue or a lt pink is probably your best route.
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Ok I think I'll go pick up some light colored shirts.

Would button down collars would be more appropriate for this than spread collars?
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 I like a burgundy shirt or  burgundy sweater with maybe a white shirt with a grey blazer. Its more about what colours suit you rather than what is going to go with the blazer as grey will go with pretty much any colour.

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It's true though, you can practically wear anything with a grey herringbone jacket

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I generally go with either a light blue or a pink shirt with my grey herringbone odd jacket and think both look great. As for sweaters, when I do wear them I tend to go with darker sweaters and light colored dress shirts. Unless the pattern on your shirt is really busy or too similar to the pattern on your sweater, I think there's nothing wrong with wearing a patterned shirt underneath a patterned sweater. If you're unsure of how to match, however, you may want to pair patterned sweaters with solid or semi-solid dress shirts, especially since your herringbone jacket is technically a pattern too. The more patterns you have, the harder it is to make them all work together so just take that as a note of caution. If you're wearing your shirts in a more casual manner (e.g. without a tie), button down is more correct. With a tie, a spread collar would be okay too.

I really don't think you should wear dark "dress shirts" in any context; they just scream runway model and don't look good. Darker polos or sweaters are another thing entirely, but dress shirts really should be lighter in color.
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Well I have seen photos of Steve Mcqueen wearing a dark blue button down shirt under a quite light grey coloured blazer or sports jacket. I like to wear a sweater with a sports jacket really rather than just a shirt.

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