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Need ideas for bespoke shirt

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I'm going to try harry rosen's bespoke service with a shirt tomorrow or saturday. I'm not looking for a dress shirt to wear with suits here. I want to have something made that's meant to be worn untucked with nice pants for a sharply tailored, yet casual look. My question is regarding the shirt tails. Do you guys think it would look better straight all around the bottom, or with very short shirt tails. I'm thinking the latter. Does anyone have any ideas for shirts they think would look really good? Oh and for any canadians who've had trouble finding borrelli, luciano barbera, or loro piana, I went in to the store tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find that they now stock those labels for the first time I unfortunately didn't get there till 8pm and so I only had an hour to look around the store =/
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I prefer the look of short shirt tails myself. Which Harry Rosen are you referring to you? I assume that you are referring to the flagship store downtown. If you are ever in the Mississauga area, check out the Harry Rosen outlet at Heartland. You can find some great deals there but it can be a bit hit and miss.
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I was referring to the one in montreal, so the one in toronto would probably carry that stuff, although some of the smaller stores probably don't.
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Sorry about that GQGeek. I guess I am as guilty of taking a Toronto-centric view of Canada. I live in the suburbs and I rarely make into the Harry Rosen stores in the city. You're right about the fact that many of the smaller stores carry only a limited number of brands (ie. a lack of Zegna, Brioni and the like). These bespoke shirts you speak of, which label are they and is there a minimum order?
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Sorry about the grammar in the last post. Time for me to get ready for a meeting.
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Just an Idea for a real leisure look is to make it flat at the bottom, but then have a small (as in an inch or 2) vent on both sides at the seams. A lot of middle of the road labels (like K. Cole, FCUK, Hugo Boss) do this type of shirt tail, but it would be interesting to see how it looks with a bespoke shirt. Or for a real retro leisure look is to have them put matching, or even contrasting, ribbing at the bottom of the shirt. This style is coming back with designers, but it seems to be only for the brave of heart.
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Do you guys think it would look better straight all around the bottom, or with very short shirt tails.
I agree. My favorite "designer" shirts are by Costume National,; and their shorter length, perfect for wearing untucked, is one of reasons I like them so much.
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Ranjeev, there is no minimum order and the prices start at $400, depending on fabric. They are true bespoke, done by a tailor who works at the bloor st location (sr. francesco something i believe), so you can do anything you want. The salesman showed me one that had just been finished for another customer and it was of very good quality. I don't know if you've ever taken a look at their swatch books, but they carry very good fabrics (loro piana, scabel, cerruti, a top english mill whose name i can't remember, etc.). While i was there I was shown a sample from last year's winning bale. It was 13.3 microns, purchased by loro piana. The salesman said a suit made of it would cost on the order of 25k.
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Another interesting shirt tail is one on the blue shirt (top row, 4th pic) from Jose Levy SS'04. It looks more like the cut of a vest, but nicely applied to a shirt.
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