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Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post
I also lived in Wrigleyville for a year. It was not very fun. Then again, I fucking hate the cubs with an undying passion,

god damn drunk suburban cubs fans on the train and the fact that I can't get a damn phone call to go through without trying 15 times whenever there is a game.

Of course it also puts me close to my friends, in a reasonable sized 1br (for 835 a month) and a block off the lake...I couldn't imagine living much further west though (would much rather put up with occasional jabs about living in boystown)
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I'd say 4000 S. Federal St. area or the W Lake/N Damen/N Western area.

More info here.
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Originally Posted by epb View Post
You're kidding!

Which part? That's a good walk but as a first year analyst, he'd rather spend the extra 15 mins sleeping. I lived around 2500 N Clark and the door to door commute was about 25 mins. River North was about 8 mins. I was just comparing the two.

Originally Posted by epb View Post
Printer's Row/South Loop...Presidential Towers.

South loop is a good thought, I hear they have a decent selection of bars and restaurants too.
PT caters to short term tenants (2-6 months) so it is generally people in town for a project, etc. I haven't been inside for over a year but I didn't like it.
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Nm. I live in River North but work on N. Michigan, so I'm doing a northern commute. Most people in my building work in the loop and there's 3 buses that pass right down my parallel streets (State/Michigan) and it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the heart of the loop. If I worked in the loop, I would definitely live in River North. Streeterville will give you a cheaper option, but living on the wrong side of Michigan puts you in hospital/geriatric world.
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i like pilsen
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Also when are we going to have a chicago get together, maybe the OP could join?
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I would say Kenilworth or Winnetka....
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West Town. It's a real estate agent's made-up neighborhood, but I think it provides the best value in Chicago.

Basically it's the area between the West Loop and Ukranian Village/Wicker park. It has restaurants and bars, but isn't a weekend destination neighborhood. Low cost, lots of units renovated before the bust and easy access to the loop. It's also on the Blue line, which runs 24/7 (unlike most CTA lines) and runs underground for the Grand, Chicago and Division stops, so you don't have to wait out in the cold. There's also plenty of street parking.
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Somewhere near 2700 S. California? I hear the rent is cheep!!

OP I'll let you google that address.

Have fun in Chicago, wish I could move back!!
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I live in Lincoln Park and I love it. Twenty-minute commute to work via express bus to River North area. The main reason I like my location is close proximity to the zoo, Conservatory, Lily Pool, beach, Lakeshore trail, farmer's market, and reasonably-priced restaurants on Clark Street. I take full advantage of these perks. As long as I am in Chicago, I plan to be in LP for some time.
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Originally Posted by mharwitt View Post
i like pilsen
Born and raised in East-Pilsen. Funny how much it changed since we moved. Used to be gang shootings every week. Now there are hipsters walking down the streets at night.
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Originally Posted by Oski View Post
Born and raised in East-Pilsen.
Funny how much it changed since we moved.
Used to be gang shootings every week.
Now there are hipsters walking down the streets at night.

why don't you shoot some of them to help it get back to the old ways you miss so dearly?

my grandma says the same thing about williamsburg, but without the anger.
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Been working blocks from where you'll be for the past 4 years now.

First two years I lived in the Fulton River District. Kind of a transition area between the Loop proper and River North. Jewel/Chase shopping plaza recently opened there, lots of trendy hip eateries, relatively quiet given proximity to loop, and of course, the ever-present aroma of chocolate in the air thanks to the Brommer's factory not far from there. I loved living there.

Currently living in the West Loop. As long as I'm working & living in the city, I need the ability to be able to walk to work. People saying they walk to work from Lincoln Park must only be doing it in the fair-weather months or have a background in mountaineering.

Because of that one requirement, only certain neighborhoods were ever in consideration - West Loop, Fulton, Printer's Row, South Loop; if I really wanted to stretch the distance thing: River North, Streeterville, Old Town. I'd tell you to look into anyone of those, they all have their pros/cons.

I chose West Loop because its an easy walk to work yet I feel distant enough from the Loop when I'm home; it's relatively safe or at least you eventually get that impression seeing all the strollers/kids/dogs/moms-to-be; great access to the greater Chicagoland area via CTA/Metra/90/94/290/55; plenty of free parking. Blackhawks'/Bulls' recent success lends the neighborhood appeal as Madison Street feels more like a Northside neighborhood with all the fans/bars/hoopla.

If eateries are a heavy priority, West Loop may not be it for you. I find the area seriously lacking when it comes to spots to go for a good, quick bite. Greektown's way overrated, for anyone planning to counter with it.

One thing you should know is if you're single and looking to meet other singles, you might be best off somewhere like Printer's Row/South Loop where all the liberal art schools are.
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^Thanks for the great info. I thought Streeterville/Rivernorth was close but I guess West Loop is closer? Eateries is not a big deal at all since I will be eating 80% of the time. What is rent like in West Loop vs Streeterville? Have a gf so not looking for singles. Thanks!
post #30 of 71 will give you some overview of where the various Chicago neighborhoods are located on a map and rough guidance on price.

Lots of ads on something like craigslist will have a listing that says a unit is in a particular area, but often it will be at the way far edge of that neighborhood or just outside of it.

I enjoyed Gold Coast the most of the neighborhoods I lived in, Old Town would be nice too.

You won't be able to walk to work all that often but a very short el ride or cab.
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