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I've lived in all four major cites in TX (San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston) with the longest stretch being in Austin. Houston, where I currently live, is a close second -- and I have offices in both cities. A lot of what has been said here is true, but without regard to all the stereotypes(many of which are lived up to [down to?]) it sounds like Austin best fits your description. It does have a higher cost of living, but only as a function of the real estate prices. Other elements of the COL equation are no different than elsewhere in Texas. You'll find that Texas is one of the easiest places to stereotype by those outside the state, but once you live here you realize it's one of the most misunderstood and underestimated places precisely because of those stereotypes. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post
Why has El Paso been ruled out?

Only thing El Paso has are good cowboy boots.
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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post
Only thing El Paso has are good cowboy boots.

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I've known plenty of people who have moved away from El Paso. The only ones I've known who intentionally moved there worked for the border patrol.

Gee, I really liked San Antonio.
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so much san antonio hate. I've lived in san antonio for a good while, enough to know the city. It's not really as bad as some people are suggesting, but not really a great scene for younger people (i'm in my early 20's). There are a few areas in san antonio that have the qualities you're looking for but anything like it can be had in a much better way in austin. That's not to say san antonio isn't worth looking into though. It's cheaper, will have some of what you're looking for, some of the surrounding areas such as fredericksberg (enchanted rock) are very friendly for outdoorsy types, and you can always go just less than an hr away if you want to spend a night partying in Austin.
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Originally Posted by airportlobby View Post
I think Austin is the only Texas city that is not on the top ten fattest cities list. It's usually listed as one of the fittest cities in the US. There is a greenbelt in the center of town for running and biking; it is in many ways the heart of the city. It's also a very young city, which is both good and bad. Both Dallas and Houston have a shit ton of fatties, but pockets of very fit people as well. San Antonio is 100% fat as fuck.

I'd actually say that Houston proper has a pretty good fitness culture - most of the fatties are living in the suburbs. There are lots of bike trails, and the running paths at Bayou Bend and Memorial parks are always full of people.

Inner-loop Houston is a lot of fun. It has a bunch of big-city amenities that Austin lacks, such as year-round theatre, symphony, ballet and opera companies (thanks to the patronage of our massive oil companies). The restaurant scene is very highly-regarded and very diverse, as well.
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Sounds like a tossup between austin and houston. I dont really have anything to add that hasn't already been said. What security field do you work in? infosec? I work for a network security firm in Houston, we're always hiring talented people.
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I'm an IT relic from a long time ago. If things go south with my current employer, I'll put my resume together for you tphd. Thanks for the replies everyone. You've helped a carpetbagger like me make the decision to move south easier. I'll know by Thanksgiving where I am headed for sure, so I may shoot a few of you a pm with more detailed questions when the time comes.
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My wife does IT security for a large hospital in Houston. Aside from some audit work, she couldn't find much work in Austin at her pay grade - which is why I moved here when we married.
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Originally Posted by Mark from Plano View Post
Dallas haters gonna hate.

My take:

Austin: Pros: offbeat culture, lots of live music, college-town vibe, most beautiful scenery in the state.
Cons: Most expensive cost of living in Texas.

San Antonio: Not really for living. Go there occassionally to hang out on the River Walk, then leave. There's not much there to be interested in IMO.

Houston: Pros: Big city vibe. Good restaurants and bars. Near the beach, Galveston, lots of boating etc.
Cons: Summer heat and humidity can be brutal. Lack of zoning means that it is a particularly ugly city in places, though really nice in others.

Dallas: Pros: Perhaps the best cost-of-living of any major city in the US. Good restaurant/bar scene. 2nd best live music scene in Texas (though a pretty distant 2nd to Austin). People who move here never want to leave, but probably can't explain exactly why.
Cons: Can come off as douchy if you decide to hang out with the douches...if not, the douches will leave you alone. People from Houston will hate you without ever meeting you. Scenery is non-existant.

briefly scanned the thread.

based on what you were describing, i would pick austin. i'm here in the outskirts of dallas and tbh, i miss hiking and rock climbing in austin. hopefully i'll be able to move back down there next year.

in terms of COL, if you live on the outskirts of austin (ie. near round rock) COL is pretty cheap (relatively). and it would pretty much be the same drive you would be doing if you lived in dallas anyway with more trees and in my opinion, nicer people.
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I'm not a Dallas fan, but it's not exactly the polar opposite of Austin anymore. If you move to North Dallas and hang out in Addison, yeah, it's a yuppie hellhole. But there are areas where people are doing interesting things with their communities and fun neighborhoods springing up (Bishop Arts, the Design District, parts of Oak Cliff, etc.).

Likewise, Austin 2010 isn't Austin 1995 - the last fifteen years brought in a lot of money and a lot of douchebags. But it's not that much more expensive than Dallas by my standards - I'm okay living in relatively crappy neighborhoods - and does have some major benefits (Hill Country, SoCo, UT coeds, outdoor stuff).

I still maintain that Fort Worth could be cool if it tried.

Houston is a swamp, avoid at all costs.
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Originally Posted by milosz View Post
Houston is a swamp, avoid at all costs.
Poor Thomas
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I relocate often for work and will be on the move again next week to another town, another place. But for the past three years I have lived in San Antonio.

Surprisingly, I liked SA from day one. It is sort of boring and the fatness is epidemic but the living here is just so easy. Real estate is cheap and traffic (with some exceptions) not obscene. SA is not a college town like Austin so it doesn't have an abundance of coeds. However, SA must be the center of excellence for brown eyed beauties.

I am too old to describe the nightlife here (about 10 years older than you), but I can tell you there is a small but active arts scene and (in certain parts of town) clubs for running etc. Unfortunately, the sartorial revolution missed San Antonio (although there are a few shops worth their salt). Due to the general fatness, lack of interest in appearance, and the damn heat, the typical attire is shorts and flip flops for leisure and slacks/shirt without tie for work. I often am overdressed here; for instance, in three years I have never witnessed another pocket square. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with sundresses on women 10 months of the year.

SA feels different than the other cities you mentioned. It is more like a blue collar town although there are many white collar jobs here. Considering your objectives (finding a nice girl and settling down) and your age I think SA deserves consideration. You might be surprised.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by milosz View Post
Houston is a swamp, avoid at all costs.

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Originally Posted by milosz View Post
I still maintain that Fort Worth could be cool if it tried.

Actually Ft. Worth is cool precisely because it doesn't try. In a different life I could easily see myself living in Ft. Worth (I lived there for 4 years back in the mid-80's). Has by far the best downtown scene of any of the larger cities in Texas. It's now pretty easy to live there without ever encountering an actual cow. Actually has a cultural mix that makes it unique, but has the advantages of a bit slower pace of life than some of the other larger cities. Has as good (some say better) art museums than any other city in Texas (Dallas would be 2nd). Bass Hall is incredible. It's a college town, so the area around TCU/Colonial Country Club has that sort of college feel.

Scenery-wise, it's about as boring as Dallas though.
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