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Black suit jacket + khaki pants?

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I'm trying to decide whether or not to wear a black suit jacket with my khaki pants, white dress shirt and light blue tie. Is this fashionably correct? I can go without the suit jacket if it doesn't look well.
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Probably not the best choice...
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Pics first, questions later.
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Please, please don't.
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Honestly, that doesn't sound like it would be a very good look. Do you own a navy jacket? That would look a lot better.

If you decide not to wear a jacket, then you shouldn't wear a tie either, IMO.
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Originally Posted by Butter View Post
Pics first, questions later.

You need pictures to figure out what a black suit jacket and khaki pants looks like?
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If you post a picture of that outfit I will personally make sure you are banned.
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+ 1 on the navy blazer - if you must rock teh black jak, just kick some medium heather gray trou -
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Rookie mistake by the OP. I've never figured out exactly why, but you won't get much love from the SF elite mentioning black blazers, black suits ... Even black shoes.

You can make this outfit work so don't be put off too much by SF prejudice.
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Black and khaki just don't play nice together. I'm hardly a member of the SF orthodoxy that demands no black outside of formalwear (and even then, midnight blue is considered better...), but that particular combination is a bad idea. Go with a light gray pant instead, or a navy jacket.
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