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I know you have written that you have an eliptical machine. However, i just came upon this site and thought it could also offer some cahnge up and challenge of the exercises.

Weightlifting Aerobic Circuit Index

A six foot piece of 1 1/2" PVC pipe filled with sand would probably do it. Add buckshot if you want more weight.

Exercises and routines are here. I guess that I'm just more of a proponent of spending the time developing a more overall level of fitness through using more body parts and motions.
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Originally Posted by mizanation
yeah, definitely doing 20 minutes with 30 second sprints is better (and less boring) than doing 45+ minutes of medium pace cardio.

Throw in some amazingly hot cheerleaders exercising in front of you and you will have to make yourself get off the machine.
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haha, nice. can't say we have a lot of cheerleaders working out at the gyms on wall street...
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nothing beats a long steep hill that is fairly continuous. you'll burn a lot more calories than running flat, and it'll build muscle (manass).
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Pilates works for me. It's simple, it's fun and it doesn't take much time.
And the results really ARE seen after a week or so.

can you post what you do i found a link (http://www.lhj.com/lhj/story.jhtml?s...ref=cat2570004) but like how long do u do them for, which ones etc
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