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Also check out Wigwam socks. I've been wearing their Rebel Fusion socks in my duty boots for a couple weeks now and they're great-- I'm gradually replacing all my Smartwool with them. They make a 24 hour shift go by pretty comfortably.
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I do love J Crew camp socks, but they aren't all that warm IMO. They are really tough and hard wearing though. Wigwam are really nice too.
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Fox River and Wigwam
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Barbour makes some great thick winter socks.
I am planning on picking up a few pairs from ASOS.
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jcrew camp socks look nice but they suck compared to smartwool mountaineering socks, very thick and soft with a lot of cushioning.

i bought a few pairs of northface hiking? socks, the thickest pair they offer. just as good as smartwool and cheaper. i found them at tjmaxx or marshalls for like 9 bux a pair.
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I'm partial to merino wool camp/hiking socks. You can get them for about 1/5 the price of retail on ebay.
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I like defeet socks. Their wool socks are very nice. I use them for skiing, but they could also be worn in the city.

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Problem with thick warm socks is you need to keep a pair of shoes/boots around that are sized +1. So annoying.
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Filson, Smartwool and Woolrich. All are made in the USA. I get Woolrich at Marshalls, Filson and Smartwool from Sierra Trading Post.
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I just got a pair of Uniqlo Heattech socks that are super warm and comfy. Definitely check them out (the sale ends today).
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Keep it simple: buy Craftsman wool/thermal socks at Sears.
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Originally Posted by Stewbone View Post
These socks look good but they're not warm at all, they're mostly cotton.

I have a few pairs of smartwool socks which are great but in my opinion the best wool socks I've encountered are the Kirkland wool socks they sell at Costco. At Costco a pack of 3 or 4 is around $15 which is a steal. They're identical to the smartwool socks and I've had about 12 pairs last me regular wear over 4 or 5 years. They're machine washable and awesome.

They're 4 for $25 here, Costco will be cheaper but still worth it...

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