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they may as well put it int he ranks of Seiko, Citizen, etc... If you are looking for people to know the name, Tag Heuer is the best brand out there. They go on deep discount and are pretty reliable and are well known.


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It seems like you want refinement of a Ferrari, but to keep a price point down to a Kia.

FYI, Seiko is not 'cheap'. Their movement is up there and can hang with the best of them.
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The Swatch Group calls a Tissot a mid-level watch.

Mechanical watches are jewelry.  In my opinion, much finer ornaments then rings or necklaces.

It is art at its finest.  At its best the artisan combines fine metals, jewels, design and craftsmanship into a product that can track hours, mins, seconds, months, days, years and even lunar cycles with incredible accuracy.

The internal workings are as beautiful as they are functional.  Their precision is incredible and wonderfully complex.  It would take more time than I can spend to show the pleasing marriage of art and design.  The best of these watches are not made on an assembly line.  A great amount of effort goes into their creation.

I cannot afford the best of this craft, and I imagine the majority of those who own these top watches do so for status, but that does not detract from the art. 

l appreciate these watches in the same way I admire a painting or sculpture. I am glad their are snobs to support these watchmakers. I'll never own a Van Gough and I'll never own a Piaget, but I'm glad they exist.

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I own:

2x Rolex

1x Longines

1x Glashutte

1x Rotary

1x Oris


1x Nomos

and can honestly say that my Nomos watch is the best of the lot.  A beautiful movement manufactured "in House" which is very unusual these days.  True the design is "bauhaus" and therefore  plain but most professionals including architects and designers are going for that understated look big time.  The Nomos Club is only around $1600 which, for a watch with this pedigree that will last a lifetime and look good with anything,  is a small price to pay imho.  Stop having to "follow the crowd" and invest in a Nomos!!!  You won't regret it.

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I'm not a watch conniseur but to answer the OP's post, I highly doubt anyone will give two shits what brand of watch you're wearing or how much you paid for it. It's like dress shoes - most men wouldn't be able to spot the difference between a $1100 pair of EG versus a $300 pair of AE. Sounds like your only hang up is the brand name and how it may artificially boost your status, which to me sounds incredibly shallow. If you like something then buy it - don't consult with a bunch of SF strangers so you can justify whether or not you should buy a certain watch. who cares?
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I own PR100 automatic from Tissot. It's pretty plain and simple but looks great. My friends who own Tag are pretty much in awe when they realized my Tissot is 3 or 4 times cheaper than their watch. I am tax consultant and I sometimes see my clients glance at my watch (which gives me the idea, they like my watch?)


I do love the Tag Carrera though but yeah, Tissot is pretty nice watch to have :)

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1929 Tissot and Omega formed SSIH. 1983 SSIH and AUSAG formed the Swatch Group. So yes, both are Swatch watches at least. Tissot Automatic Chronograph PRC 200 for example is a rock solid Swiss watch @ 600 Euro. You get 1/20 second precise Chrongraph. Thats it. The more expansive watches have more functions, their Mechanik is more complex. U can add Platin and diamonds, make s Rolex. Tissot is one of THE swiss brands at least, as Omega.
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