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I wear a fossil so..... Ha
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Originally Posted by Dmon07 View Post

Obviously a post from someone who believes that `pedestrian` watches are for `pedestrian` people, and that only people with money and `taste` can appreciate these fine expensive watches.

There seems to be a human need to be above the pack and watch snobs are a prime example  The fact that only another watch snob will appreciate your fine watch (that`s if they get a good look) does not deter them.  They have bought themselves in to a high end club and they can look down on lesser mortals. Deluded is not the`s worse.

How many people can honestly say that a watch made them think an individual was special in any way.  The only thing it would say ( if watch noticed) is that the  person can afford the cost,. or was daft enough to spend so much on it.

Personally if I had thought for one moment that a watch had the qualities ascribed to them by these snobs, I would have made sacrifices to   In the past to get a good looking  reliable watch you had to pay a substantial amount, but this has changed dramatically over the years.  What is worse is that these snobs think people who are happy and appreciate lesser watches are the deluded ones, and give prose on the movements and fine details on these expensive watches. Of course if you can`t name the mechanical movements and their history you are really low down the food chain..


Spend < $200 on a watch or spend > $2000. There's not much of a point in buying anything in between. Most people who buy the truly "high end" watches do so for their own enjoyment. You're missing the point.
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I`ve said my piece, and making silly rules on price bands does not help.  Yes, I very much get the point


I`m sure people enjoy very high end watches, and if they can afford them that`s terrific for them, but it`s when they get silly about it, write columns, make snooty posts, and make jibes at `lesser` `mortals that they show their stupidness.


There always will be versions of goods for people who have large incomes - It`s the way the world works. If I were rich I`d want one too, but I would not pass comments on how people are missing the wonderful merits of these watches and wouldn`t appreciate one if they had one.. 


The previous poster showed how futile it is to make a world of owning these high priced overkill objects and I`ve read many like it. I`ve also read many posts from people who use expensive watches as well as cheap ones and question how much better their expensive purchases are.  

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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Why do people keep necro bumping this thread


On the other part, I have a bunch of Tissot's the oldest one is from the 60's and they are great watches, Tissot is in my opinion as underrated as Zenith.
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Originally Posted by foryoureyesonly View Post

I'm wondering what the watch community and the general public think of Tissot watches. I had a TAG Heuer that I wore for about 3 years (got it cheap, less than $1k, I refuse to pay more than $1k for a watch until I'm really, really ballin', even then I might not, I know that sounds crazy to watch people, but I just can't justify it), but sold it because I got sick of wearing something for prestige that I didn't even really think was that interesting and cool looking of a watch. I know, sounds a bit crazy because that sort of is what watches are about, right? On the other hand, I refuse to wear Seiko, Citizen, Invicta, or any other brands in that range that I'm assuming you could purchase at Walmart. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but I view them as cheap, pointless watches that wouldn't ever touch my wrist. Basically, I won't buy anything that's not Swiss Made. I went to a local jeweler and came across this watch: It's one of the most beautiful, sturdily built watches I've come across in the sub-1k range as I really don't like wearing something out and about that's worth so much money, but as much as I like it, am I going to be viewed as a poor bastard or is Tissot a respectable brand that one can be proud of wearing? Instead of suggesting other sub-1k alternatives, I'm really just curious about the question I asked. Even though I like the way the Tissot looks way better than the TAG, I can't convince myself to purchase the Tissot until I get a good opinion of how people view these watches as I do need to uphold a professional appearance. Thanks guys.

Hey Guy. I have owned a Tag Heuer for well over 10 years now, same model it's never missed a beat. Do I get comments on it? yeah.
How much is it worth, well back then around $2,500.00 But you know why I bought it, because I liked the look of it.
I mean the quality is great no doubt but would I pay $2.5k for this or any watch? Hell no!!!
Truth is I bought it at a 'pawn brokers' auction! It cost me $100.00. I took it to my jeweller, for $60.00 he appraised it, installed a new battery, new watch band and re fixed the seconds hand that had come off. I get a new battery every 2 years or so and its all good.
Over the years I have had a Fossil watch ($175.00) and recently bought a Casio G-shock ($250.00) just for a different look.
What I'm getting at is who cares what other people think, I get lots of comments on my Fossil, I still get lots of comments on my Tag Heuer, and the Casio? Well who cares it's reliable and I like the look of it that's the main thing. In fact the only reason I'm on this forum is I googled Tissot review and this was the first thing that came up. This review has helped me because from what I have read this brand sounds RELIABLE but most of all I like the look of the Tissot T-Race. In my opinion I think you need more hugs from friends and family that love you for who you are and less of giving a sh!t about complete strangers thoughts and opinions of your social status! cheers.

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I cannot believe the pretentious people on this forum. I agree with whom ever says it is what you think it is. This means that don't worry about what the next person says about what your preference is, make your own mind up. I have come to this forum as I googled Tissot. I have just purchased a Tissot and I really like the look and the feel of the watch. I have plenty of other watches and really do not worry about other opinions. I don't want to sound arrogant but watches to me are like a fine wine, it should be your liking and taste not what others like. Anyways I hope everyone is happy with there own choices of watches as I am very happy with my new Tissot. Not saying it is the best watch but it is up there.
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You don't care about other people's opinion but you googled your new watch as soon as you came home and felt the need to share on a forum where no one cares that you didn't care. I DONT CARE!!
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First of all tissot is not the lowest-end brand. period.


Second. Its not too prestigious a brand. period.


having said that. where does it stands on the spectrum b/w lowest and highest. well its an above average. i place it at number at number 3 or 4 towards hard ten. That would mean its not definitely going to make one look like poor-bastard. at the same time. its kinda not-too-bad brand. it wont get u respect but wont let n e one think of disrespecting u either.


hope this helps.

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As a rule of thumb, ignore the advice from people that have the grammar of a six year old, and are too lazy to properly spell "you".
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Famous Watch makers are from countries whose first language is mostly not english. i m no exception. I still can express my self in english while i bet people raising fingers at me know nothing about my native language. Secondly, every place has its own jargon like net used acronyms to reduce on-the-wire traffic etc and only foolish would argue about it.

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Joined the forum to be among watch enthusiasts. didnt know its one another place for pervert internet-gangsters.


Bye Forever.

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I know that when I'm posting online the very first thing I consider is ensuring that my posts are succinct enough to reduce my on-the-wire footprint. Let's get digitally sustainable, people.

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you seem to have serious issues friend. here's an idea: sell all those 'expensive' clothes you have and buy an overpriced 'prestige' watch that satisfies your ego. i'm sure you will look the picture of class wearing a rolex with nothing else on. you are a TOOL, and amongst the biggest i have come across. It also looks like you have a serious inferiority complex, most likely linked to having a small penis. although i can't be sure of this, given a lot of what you say is indicative of you not having a penis to begin with.

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I love how this thread keeps popping up from time to time with a single digit poster saying something, to defend their tissot purchase and then piss of, never to be seen again.
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