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Grey/white mix
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I would choose a light colored taupe or beige, with a greige tie.
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Pale to medium blue shirt, crimson tie. Actually BB had a crimson/gold rep tie that I wore quite a bit until I realized it was bad luck. You might have better luck with something similar. You could probably swing variations on the tie from brick-red to orange (my new lucky color)

Good luck on the interview!
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Originally Posted by Thomas
Actually BB had a crimson/gold rep tie that I wore quite a bit until I realized it was bad luck.

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I too love brick red, cinnamon, sienna . . . expressive colors. Another smart looking combo for this suit, might be a light gray shirt, with a chili colored tie.
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I echo the recommendation for a light blue shirt. I would add a light grey as well. I would absolutely stay away from pink, lavender, green or other non-conservative colors for an interview. I think a warm tone of red for the tie would be a sound conservative choice. I would stay away from flashy, bright or irridescent ties for an interview.
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Do you mean just a solid red/orange/yellow (depending on the recommender) tie, or a pattern in that vein? I have a few ties - but all are patterned of some sort. I have diamonds of black/grey/white lines, diagonals of shades of grey with pink lines, a blue/taupe/beige square-thing(this one is hard to explain), and a red with white and navy diagonal lines.
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aspriel, I just started to see double. I'll let our young members help you out, on this one. btw: if all else, fails: white shirt, beige tie.
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A nice cotton shirt with your best formal silk tie.
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I would first look at your skin tone , hair color, and the industry the job is in before recommending a color.

If you get a chance and stop by your local book store and look at Dressing the Man by Flusser and the opening section has examples of skin tones and hair and shirts. There is a book by Lloyd ... made for woman to help pick clothes for their husbands that is also excellent , his style choices are very clean and simple.

If it was me , I would go with a light blue shirt and the darkest red tie for my skin color and hair color.

Also remember to get a collar that matches your face and to tie the knot in the approriate style for the collar.
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I'm terribly sorry, Ivan. :P rssmsvc: I know the different collar/knot styles, but what do you mean a collar that matches my face?
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White shirt will be fine - in fact, much better for an interview than the other bolder suggestions.

If you really don't want to go with white then try a pale blue.

Don't worry too much about knots and collars, that's for the advanced class. But no button down collars, not with a suit.

Good luck in the interviews!
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how about solid black suit, solid black dress shirt with a sheen to it, a solid black tie, and tan shoes?
there is a remote chance that your interviewers might like that look. so keep that in mind.
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Actually there is one thing I forgot to mention: Wear whatever makes you smile and stand straight, keeping towards the conservative look (blue shirt / red tie). I think you'd make a better impression with an outfit that looks good on you and is comfortable to you (within sensible bounds), than a wonderful outfit that makes you self-conscious. You'll know what I'm talking about when you find that combination. And don't bring your girlfriend or trust the salesman. You'll know it when you see it. And, for God's sake, don't buy based on price alone. This is your future employment we're talking about. Once again good luck, and don't skimp on your interview research / prepwork.
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I've actually just scored a new job (IT consultancy) and I wore the same outfit for each interview (different people each time). Dark navy suit, crisp white shirt and a brown/blue/silver striped tie. Black shoes.

The tie wasn't my choice but my wife bought it for me and she said I should wear it. Good karma.

I usually wear a pocket square but I didn't on these occasions - maybe a little too much for IT on the west coast.

On each occasion I was better dressed than the person who interviewed me.
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