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Henri bendel

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I never stopped at Henri Bendel when I was in NYC. Is it still at 10 W 57th Street? There was an Henri Bendel on Michigan Avenue, but that closed in the late 1990s. What does Bendel carry in the way of things for men? I once read that Henri Bendel sold his company(and I assume the rights to his name) to someone, and shortly after that Bendel heard that they planned to carry cheaper stuff and cut corners to make a profit, so he angrily planned to start a new company. Anybody know if he ever started a new company under a different name, and if so, what it is? How long has the Henri Bendel company been around?
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I can only add a touch here. It's on Fifth Avenue between 55th and 56th and is owned by another chain (perhaps Saks, perhaps Macys, I don't know). I have been while shopping for gifts or with girlfriends and have found nothing for men, beyond perhaps some bath products and the opportunity to smile at cute saleswomen who are only around other ladies all day. Medium quality, I would guess -- nice stuff, but not BG or Barneys.
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Bendel's is owned by Limited Brands, of Victoria's Secret fame.
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What's at Henri Bendel for men.... lots of women
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