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Drake's Shirts

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I assume they outsource the manufacture of their shirts. Can anyone confirm this and know who make them?

I have never seen them in person and wonder how they compare to the other British shirts i.e. H&K, T&A, CT, N&L, Lewin... in terms of quality and particularly fit (slim or blousy). Thanks
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I actually picked up a Drakes shirt last week at the DC Filene's store. It was the first time I've actually seen them. Fabric quality seems very nice and distinctive/interesting patterns and colors similar to T&A. Quality is nice but not up to top tier... no single-needle stitching, thin MOP buttons, and if the shirts are pattern matched it is done fairly sloppy (stripes matched closely enough on yoke and sleeve to think they tried, but they did not line up exactly). Side seam gusset, good collar and two-button sleeve (length-wise, not width-wise). So I would characterize it as fabric similar to T&A, quality between H&K and Lewin (closer to H&K, but no single-needle tailoring). If I recall MSRP on the Barney's tag was around $250, Filene's had for $50. I bought it mostly for the great pattern/color and fabric feel (very British). It PALES in comparison to the Truzzi I bought during the same visit. The hand-sewn button holes and sleeve-head stitching on the Truzzi are stunning. And a small check pattern that matches perfectly, even on the gauntlet.
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Slovakia; same as Richard James shirts. Compared to the latter the Drake's patterns are more subdued though, and some of them actually look pretty neat. Personally, I'd be looking @ Guy Rover @ that price point.
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I picked up a Drake's shirt on ebay that was made in England (as per the tag). I've no idea who made it, though. Udeshi probably could tell you if you could drag the information out of him. He knows all!
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Thank you for the info guys. Anyone else have any experience with Drake's shirts? Are they slim-fitting or more loosely cut?
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