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Most recent are two odd vests in grey and brown glen plaid and a camelhair sportcoat (very soft camel):

All from the sale. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and fit (for the price, that is). The 44L fit me almost perfectly except for being about 1/2" long in the sleeves.
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I got some Malo corduroy and John Varvatos cotton pants.
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New Chan suit. Arrived yesterday. Light grey wool/mohair double-breasted.
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Student budget has cut my shopping to a pair of jeans, some cords, and $200+ worth of watch accoutrements.

This month: 3-piece houndstooth Polo suit, 2 Zegna Napoli Couture cashmere sport coats, Lidfort double monks.

I'm jealous. Saving for another watch. I'm planning on having a firesale on shoes since I'm currently out of storage space and spend too much time moving stuff.
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2 silk pocket squares from Ede & Ravenscroft. One is burgundy with multi-coloured dots, the other a burnt orange paisley job. About £20 each.

Sand coloured narrow wale flat front cotton cords from M&S. Bargain at just £15 (should have been £30 according to the tag. Not complaining. I assume they just went on sale and hadn't changed the sticker).

Reddish-brown tartan chesterfield (with black velvet) quite heavyweight overcoat from Paul Smith. Probably overpriced at £345 but hey, I fell in love!
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Just received these vintage owl-head links. Love 'em.

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Past two months or so:

4 suits from STP - Belvest, Samuelsohn, Corneliani, Brant black label.

7 ties - Boss, Pal Zileri, Bizzocchi (From Eytan), Talbot, Zegna, Ike Behar x2 (local shop on sale).

4 shirts - Borelli, Boss,(Ebay) Etro x2 (local store on sale).

Pocket squares - picked up two linen from Jamison (can't wait to see them, look nice). I also picked up the Aquascutum pocket square so many of us nabbed because of Eytan's tip.
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2 pair of shoes in the past 2 weeks.

Mephisto Marlons, for walking:


And Cheaney Bostons:


Needless to say, I'm very conservative! Perhaps too much so!
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Originally Posted by gdl203
Most recent purchase (i.e. received today ) is this pair of grey Gravati split-toes from Lance...
They're very nice! my first pair of grey shoes
I like the pearl grey tone of the shoes. Subtly distinctive.
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i have got a few pair of new shoes, a couple of gucci sweaters

just planning to get a cord jkt and maybe 4-5 suits and a doz shirts!
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Earthmover, I really like your new sportscoat! Congrats!!
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got a pair of these Aldens- I'm wearing them now
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Originally Posted by thinman
Earthmover, I really like your new sportscoat! Congrats!!

Thanks. I'm really surprised at how good it is. I noticed just now that I didn't mention that I got it for $99 at Jos A. Banks sale and it fits almost perfectly. It's fused, but a nice soft fabric. I think there's some left if people are interested.
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Brooks Brothers camel hair sportcoat
Hart Schaffner Marx 'Made in Italy' cords, full waistband, lined to the knee, single pleat
Elliotts of Ireland woven emblematic tie

Total: ~$12

Not a bad fall ensemble.

Grabbed this Brooks Saxxon wool sweater from Tarheel (shirt is not mine):

Also a Gieves & Hawkes tie and a Joseph Abboud blue/white woven stripe shirt. And the Zegna cashmere tweed (not yet altered, though):

Oh, yeah, almost forgot: I'm awaiting one of the Aquascutum pocket squares, too. And maybe a double-breasted suit...

I've got several other new items that are stored away for fall wear. One of the fun things of buying out of season is rediscovering the items you've hidden away!

Doc, I'd love to see a full pic of those owl cufflinks.
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Originally Posted by diorshoe
I have the brand new Santoni FAM from Europe through ebay:

although it is not technically in my closet; my spouse doesnt know about it yet.


(Where can I find a pair?)
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