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Originally Posted by ATM
I hate to tell you this but you are wearing your suspenders upside-down!

Right you are. I was always taught to pull them up from the crotch like a jock strap and clip them to your earlobes. At least that's the way we used to do it in the Nav.
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i write with my left hand too, but that is the reason why i put my watch on my right wrist; somehow the watch on the same hand i write with always gets in the way somehow.

i wear my ring on my left had though.

my belts were always entered and slipped through counter clockwise with the belt end ending up to my left.
but for most of my belts after several months or years of doing it this way , i noticed that when hanging the belts straight down in my closet, they all have a curve like a boomerang. so i just started to wear them clockwise, ending up pointing to my right , so hopefully it will straigthen out my belts over time.
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Gandhi wore his dhoti clockwise.
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Oddly enough, I'm left-handed as well, but I belt so that the excess ends up on the right. When I wear a belt with a d-ring I belt it in the opposite direction so that when all's said and done the excess ends up on the right. Any other way just feels wrong and awkward to me, so I will continue to do it that way. Oh, and, didn't we kick the crap out of the British armed forces so that we wouldn't have to take their shit anymore and so we can belt our belts in any direction we please?
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Originally Posted by nelly View Post

I am always a little annoyed when people wear belts pointing right. The reason men's items (belts/buttons) go in the opposite direction to women is because back in the old days, when men used to go off into battle, the women buttoned up their armor for them. Thus, the opposite direction (although it was the same for the women who were putting it on the men). Unless you are having another guy put on your belt for you, lets keep it pointing to the left.

we should note that for D-ring belts, you have to put it on in the opposite direction to make it point left.

Actually that's inaccurate and it wouldn't necessarily put the belt tip pointing to the left even if it were. The reason women's clothing buttons the opposite of men's is because back in the early days of buttons, only wealthy women had clothing that buttoned up and they also had hand maidens who buttoned their clothing for them. Since most people are right handed they put the buttons in a direction that made it easier for the dressers to button them while facing the woman they were dressing. It's been a complaint of many right handed women, who dress themselves, for centuries. It's more difficult for a right handed person to push buttons through with their left hand.

Women's belt directions traditionally followed the button direction, making it the opposite of men's.

However, nowadays, there is no right or wrong way for men or women to wear their belts. Most people thread their belts with the tip pointing to the left because they are right handed and that's the direction most right handed people would thread their belt automatically. Most left handed people thread theirs the opposite way unless they were taught, and continued to believe, that they were supposed to thread it clockwise, for whatever reason. 

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Always better to wait ten years to tell someone they're wrong. Odds are they'll be long gone and your comments will stand unrefuted.

I was surprised to learn, though, that armor had buttons.
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