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Japanese sites

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Some of you guys have been very helpful in providing detailed pics off of j spec sites so I thought instead of constantly asking that we could list all the links you guys know of in one thread. That way myself and others can peruse them at our leisure even though we won't understand most of it. Reminds me of my honda days looking at jap. sites in the early-mid 90s and going to yaohan to look at the mags heh.
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I don't know what you mean. Japanese bondage sites? Or color falling diaries? Or shops? I just have no idea... I want to help. But I don't know how.
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Japanese shopping sites, like rakuten, nalu etc.
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I'm sure someone has them all on their bookmarks. Maybe they can post them? I took most of mine off, too easy to buy with the rakuten sites.
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maybe this thread wasn't such a good idea afterall
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Well, the sites that I listed to you in a different thread about the EG stuff I found just using google and clicking on anything that wasn't in english for several pages.

A good link to some sites would be Juno:

He's got a bunch of links to Japanese sites and brands. Some Bapetastic, but definitely some good denim links. And Loopwheeler!!! (if anyone plans on going through Juno to get a sweater, let me know. I might be interested in putting in with you so we can split the bill on shipping. Maybe someone should organize a large order through him to get us a discount? Just saying...)
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sorry but i'm almost certain he won't do discounts and lw won't do discounts either.
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If people are interested by a group purchase I could try to organise something in a month or so when I'll be in Japan.
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Sounds good. Just keep us posted.
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Originally Posted by timpoblete
Sounds good. Just keep us posted.

Don't worry, I will.
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