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Hair products  

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Here goes: Why do you (all) use hair products? Any hair products: tonics, moisturizers, gel, wax, pomade, etc... My reasons are simple: 1) my hair is very think and tends to "poof" when dried without product and has flyaways all over the place. I use pomade or gel to reduce this. 2) it darkens my hair a shade, a desired effect. 3) it keeps the style that I want thoughout the day. What are your reasons for your use of various products? Also: do you concider coloring your hair subtly to be vain? For example, brown hair to black; darker hair with subtle lo-lights or high-lights in summer? You see, I am trying to convice my father (who is a little old-fasioned) that a line of hair products could enhance almost anyone's look and that their use is widspread through most of the civilized world and not used by a minority of vain people. (as he is convinced) Any pro-products arguments would be greatly appreciated. Tnx P.S. Perhaps you could include your age so that he can't argue that all people who are hair products users are immature and probably under 20. Just trying to cover my bases; I want to win this one. -EDIT- P.P.S. I realize after I'd posted this that it should probably go under the "Personal Grooming" forum... sorry... does anyone know how I can move the post?
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I recommend Kiehl's Creme With Silk Groom. Just a "dab will do ya". Non-greasy, keeps hair soft and managed. Natural shine.
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Think topic works better here.
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