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I would also echo the recommendation of going to a specialty running store and getting fitted with the right shoe for you foot/gait type. That being said, if you want to stick with Nike, the only Nike shoes suitable for (serious) running belong to the Nike Bowerman Series. This line is dedicated for running shoes and you'll find it primarily in specialty running stores.
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I can only go with New Balance or Asics but I'd highly recommend either. Make sure you get the pronation/supination/neutral support you need.
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I wonder how the Mizuno Prophecys will be and if they are 'for me' as I over-pronate slightly. Currently use their Wave Inspire which I love after have used Asics Kayanos for ages.

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Vibram Five Fingers. Got my first pair and they are doing great things for my body. Search google to read about people's claims of them fixing their back, knees, and toes.
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imo Nike's kinda suck, I ran with free's for the past 2-3 years before branching out, recently picked up the Saucony Kinvara 2's and will never be going back, absolutley amazing, find soem and try them.
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No one cares if you're stylish while panting and sweating on the road. Worry about fit and function first, don't worry about the looks of the shoe.

As far as the barefoot running movement, the jury's out--it's something everyone has to try to see if it works for them. Don't let people with The Answer try to convince you one way or another. For me, I have flat wide feet and wear Asics EEE. At 195 lbs, if I tried to run barefoot I'd grind my knees and ankles to nothing.

If you want to read more than you have to about the barefoot running movement, check out this blog:
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Nike Lunarglide. I used to run with New Balance but I like the Lunarglide better because it feels to have better shock resistant and less clunky.
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I always wanted to have Nike Free shoes, because I like the barefoot running feeling, but at the moment, I can't be bothered to pay 100+€ on running shoes. Has somebody tried to run with Feiyue shoes? They are made for Kung Fu and similar stuff, have a thin, elastic sole and are quite cheap. Do they last long? Are there big differences between the Chinese and the other ones, when it comes to running? thanks! edit: How is the sizing with these shoes?
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I have Nike Frees and I like them a lot. I went to a running store and ended up with Nike Vomeros which I like only a little.
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Best Idea to get an older version in sale. The changes between the new and the older version of running shoes are minimal. I got myself a pair of Mizuno Propehcy 3 this past week-end for only $100 (orig price $209.99). They are great running shoes, high quality.

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I've had great luck with the Nike Free 5.0.


For years I've be doing 0mm drop Merrells and 4mm drop New Balance. Tried the Nike Free 5.0 on a whim and they worked out great.


However about 7 months ago I picked up a pair of Flyknits based upon all the praise in the press. They are overrated. I still prefer the Nike Free.

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