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Cheap Mondays - the False Prophet Seal of Approval

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Hi kids,

I've been at great pains to find a new pair of skinny, dark, dry jeans lately, and I've tried all the usual suspects. Nudie Slim Jim and Thin Finn, Acne Max, Imperial Dukes, etc etc. None of them really did it for me - I liked the fit of Finns, but the stretch denim annoyed the hell out of me. And they were SO blue, as were the Imperials. The Max were more promising, but they didn't seem to be worth their exorbitant price tag, and the store was out of my size, leaving me with the even more expensive and less slim Mic, or nothing.

Until I found a place selling Cheap Monday Dry Tight jeans. My first impressions were

a) they look really tight
b) they kinda remind me of old Jil Sander jeans
c) AUD$115 - GodDAMN.

The denim has a slightly textured finish, and they are tight but quite comfortable on, and not too constricting. Their sizes run a little small, such that my usual 29" wouldn't go on at all. I tried a 30", which fit but felt a bit girly (the models are unisex).

At 32" they seem to have made the fit a little more masculine, the rise is a bit higher, and the hems are a little bigger (about 22cm I think, as against perhaps 19cm). They actually remind me quite a lot of the Thin Finns fit (and - dare I say - Dior Homme), relatively capacious up top, but with narrow hems. The smaller size wouldn't go over my boots properly, and it would have been a stretch even with Chucks.

I've read some criticisms of CMs here and on other fora, suggesting amongst other things, that they've got a high polyester content. I'm not sure about the jackets, but I'm happy to say that these jeans are 98% cotton, 2% elastane. The non-dry models I looked at were 100% cotton.

They feel very hardy too - I can't imagine these ripping in the crotch etc. The yellow stitching contrasts just so with the blue of the denim, to look chic rather than garish. The rivets are blackish, and inscribed "Over Min Doda Kropp ", which seems to be their slogan, and I surmise is Swedish for "Over My Dead Body" - to go with some of their macabre imagery on their shirts etc. The back pockets are large, flat, and mercifully unadorned. The patch on the waistband is white cloth with a cool intricate illustration on it. More recent ones have a leather patch with the CM logo on it like this.

One peculiarity about these is that they'll shrink with the first wash by about 7% apparently. I guess this has to do with the weave. I'm thinking about washing them straight away, inside out in hot water, in the hope that they'll shrink a little in length and fit a bit tighter in the upper legs.

Anyway, I'm a very happy customer, and will gladly recommend them as an alternative to the quickly becoming ubiquitous Nudies. To me, they do what Nudies were meant to in the first place - offer a stripped back and minimalist alternative to designer labels.

I'll post some pics when I get the chance.


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Didnt read all of your post, but I have met a few people thisemester from Sweeden and that is all they are talking about.

Apparently very well fitting (tight) and inexpensive. I did however read somewhere they may have some labor issues...anyone?
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Originally Posted by Pete
I did however read somewhere they may have some labor issues...anyone?

what do you mean, made in sweatshops etc?

edit: has CM's "code of conduct" linked, the document itself is all in swedish though. quick translation: they seem pretty determined about things being done the right way.
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I understand that CMs were originally all made by the people who own/run a store called Weekday in Stockholm. Surely with the higher output they're not doing them all themselves anymore, I suppose the labour issue is just finding people who want to do it?

Curiously, I can't find a "Made In" tag anywhere on them...
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ive heard of some "quality" issues with cheap monday. alot of people claim they look shite after a wash and that they are not particularly well made but i cant speak from experience.
the cloth tag is actually on the newer version, the leather is older, and the upside down cross on the old tag is actually a satanic reference. the logo's designer has major issues with organized religeons, christianity in particular.
heres a link.

i am a big fan of anyone challenging the system and im a fan of the brands philosophy.

i like the way they look and ive been wanting to try a pair for a while now. i really like the color on these

(picture from heartworm on the other sf)
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I have an old pair of the CM tight black jeans brought over from Sweden by a friend. They're really surprisingly durable and comfortable. They giant patch is my only complaint, but easily fixable I suppose. So thumbs up here as well.
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Originally Posted by cultpop 0217

(picture from heartworm on the other sf)

Wow those look great. I've really only seen them worn super tight on some European fashion blogs, and I thought they looked fairly cool there, but the way they fit this guy is awesome. And I agree about the color, and the white stitching really does it for me.
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my buyer thinks cheap mondays cost like 60-70 bucks. is this true? If so, look forward to some chicago distribution!
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Originally Posted by nomovement
my buyer thinks cheap mondays cost like 60-70 bucks. is this true? If so, look forward to some chicago distribution!

They retail for about that, even in major markets (NYC and LA). Not sure who is representing them.
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you have it backwards. the more recent models of cheap monday have the cloth patches while the older ones had the skulls. they have re-cut a bunch of the tight models.
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I'd like to see a broken in pair of Cheap Mondays. I like everything about them that I know, I just want to see a pair that looks decent later on. More clothes should have a satanic bent.
post #12 of 17 has cheap monday.. and they ship international
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In the US, Hollywood Trading Company carries them and is willing to ship. Forum member glamroots works there.
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do they have a website?
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