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Originally Posted by aleeboy View Post
Tag's can be found on any professional's wrist.

They are the go to watch for people looking to spend money on a "serious" watch.

Read my above statement with caution

If I were you, I'd go for a Rolex. These come in atleast double the cost of a Tag. As common as these are, they aren't as common as Tag in the professional world. The prevalance of Tags in Sydney is one of the reasons I left.

Metro's who wear pink shirts five days a week... couple with square shaped shoes with Tags on their wrists will make anyone move countries.


Rolex is a good choice. Save your pennies and get one. It is still seen as a "go-to" choice for watches (even if other will tell you it makes you look like a old man or rapper, or "a wanna-be"). And just to let you know people think the market is saturated with Rolexes, so they say that other brands should be considered real watches, like Patek Philipe, Vacheron Constantin but these brands have pretty large price tags so because you have $500.00 to work with, work with that but trust me, it will be worth saving for something automatic, classic and beyond $1,000.00 for a long-term watch.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Reevolving View Post

Remember these ugly ass 1995 bands?

LOL! I'm ashamed to admit that I got this as a gift when they first came out. Real ugly shit.
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Originally Posted by Achilles_ View Post
I'm in the market for a good watch (a Christmas gift from Mrs. Achilles_) and I'm wondering what you guys think about Tag Heuer models. I would buy used, preferably a silver automatic one. Any thoughts or recommendations? Should I look for another brand?

This is my first watch fyi...

I would add that the Monaco I recommended is about $1,600. The more complicated ones are more expensive.

Mr. Lee
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Funny how Swatch Irony's have gone up in price from $90 to now $150 in only 2 years...
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I have a number of watches but I keep going back to my old Tag bought in Dubai in 1992.
I wore it a lot on holiday in Thailand this summer. One morning I noticed a couple kept looking over at me at breakfast.
As we were leaving the lady introduced herself and said that she and her husband had been admiring my watch, could they see it as she wanted to buy a similar one for her husbands birthday.
I showed it to them but had to break the news that at 20 years old it is no longer available. I don't know the official name for this model but I always call it the Senna watch after the late and greatest driver of all time, who used to wear one.
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