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1k is neither here nor there. Good recommendations were made with regard to Timezone. Try their B&S.

On the topic of Tag. It's not well regarded in WIS circles, and doesn’t hold value too well, but it is a good workhorse depending on the model. I wouldn't mind wearing a Monaco or a Heuer reissue or even a Carrera, but would not wear any of their other models. Although some Aquaracers sit well on the wrist.

Don't listen to quartz proposals. Go mechanic. Seamaster is always a good option and it's easy to resell. Speedmaster is nicer IMO but difficult (impossible) to get in your price range.

If you don't mind wearing a smaller watch (under 38 mm) then there are lots of nice vintage options. I like lots of Girrard perregaux models from 50s to 70s.

Under 1k there is always Seiko. Sinn and Oris also offer great options in this price range.
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Could try Stowa as well.
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If I were you I would consider a pre 1990s Omega Seamaster in steel with steel bracelet...will likely be just slightly above you budget but its an iconic watch. I received one for my 18th birthday and I still wear it occasionally. In your budget it is likely to be quartz. Other cool options are 1970s Heuers....but fairly difficult to find...I was outbid on one (sleeping) on `EBay around 3 months ago. Other mega underrated watches are Girard Perregeaux will easily get a gold fully mechanical in fairly good condition for your will likely be 36mm though and 1960s vintage.....I have a couple and I would consider them a good investment in todays market. Dont bother with the TAG. Hope that helps
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for 1k i would recommend looking at a Sinn or Omega definitely no tag. the only tags which have pedigree and thereby any resale value are the monacos and carreras. As others have mentioned, Sinn is a very good brand and you can get a chrono complication 106 or 356 flieger for about 1k. a diver U1 for $1220. if you push your budget to $1200 you can score a really good non chrono bond seamaster on timezone or watchuseek trade forums.

if you want swiss watches but non finishes movements then there are really good brands such as precista, marathon and mkII which make good tool watches. if you like fliegers also look at damasko..they make a valjoux 7750 based chrono which is pretty good.

good luck with the quest.

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Originally Posted by gazman70k View Post
+1 I agree with a Nomos but I'd also suggest a Seiko. I wouldn't bother with any fashion brands. BTW - TAG outsources to China now. Not the movement but straps / bracelets / some cases or parts of cases are made in China. Just enough bits are made (or assembled) in Switzerland to meet the criteria of Swiss Made.
For under a grand I'd suggest a Seiko as well... but a Japan Domestic market type from either Higuchi - or Seiya Kobayashi - Being a relatively recent entry to the workforce...I just got myself a SARB065 from after spending 3 whole days agonising between the SARB031 - and the SARB065 - In the end I went with the SARB065 as it kinda reminded me of my favourite Swiss Brand JLC's Master Control design... the basic one that is. They're both automatics with movements that are pretty accurate for automatics if the reviews of the 6R15 23J movement is correct, and best of all they're produced in-house in Japan just like JLC in Switzerland. They have plenty of other choices as well if you prefer Chronographs, Divers or Mechanicals with metal bands instead as you mentioned on and Higuchi... and best of all these Japan Domestic Market only models aren't that common in the west and actually look better than their overseas market watch line-up.. so that was a plus factor for me. Wish you luck in your search, OP.
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TAG is a marketing program that became the name of a formerly great brand. Techniques de Avant'guard. Heuer was a great manufacturer in the 60s, but doesn't make or even finish any parts of their watches anymore. They license a brand and they farm out parts production from movements (completely unfinished), dials, cases, etc. For less than $1000k, I would buy a lightly used Omega Seamaster or Speedmaster, a new Oris, Sinn, or something else entirely.
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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post

+ infinity!
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Originally Posted by yfyf View Post
Could try Stowa as well.

The Stowa Marine's are the business. Keep in mind that it's a 2 month(?) turnaround on these.

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In the under a 1K amount the tag quartz watches are not bad starter watches. I had a chronogrpah from my late teens up to a few years ago when I sold it. It never gave any issues, just needed the battery changed a couple times. In the end get what you want. You might also want to look at some of the Asian market Seiko watches, they have some great value for the money. YOu could also go used, but for a the price you want to spend it will be hard to get some of the watches some of the people have suggested so far. You might find a quartz Omega seamaster, which is a great watch. I had one for a few years and it was nice becuase it was not as noticed as much as the Rolex I wear now and looked good in dress and casual settings.
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I personally like tags. I have the 6000 series that i bought 10+ yrs ago, a F1 alarm, and another regular F1. They look good and they can take a beating. If you are looking at the used route, check out they have really good deals on used ones. Also personally, i dont get the styleforum infatuation with Sinn, Stowa, Japanese market seikos, etc...they are nice watches I'm sure...but it seems like whenever a watch thread pops up and someone mentions Tag or Omega, ppl instantly pounce saying they are crap, get a stowa, etc...
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Some great suggestions especially if you can get a used Omega.

Watches that I found are a great value are Hamilton. Try and handle one of them, they are finished very nicely IMHO.
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Avoid the Tag.

Tags are attractive watches to be sure but offer little substance with the exception of a few of their newer Calibre 36? lines. If you want to impress people who know nothing about watches then yes, overspend on a Tag.

Otherwise go used Omega Seamaster or Speedmaster. Within the Swatch group a new Longines or Hamilton offer better quality.

Along with many of the other brands already mentioned.
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I wouldnt. You can find a much nicer watch in their price range.
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Originally Posted by Achilles_ View Post
I'm in the market for a good watch (a Christmas gift from Mrs. Achilles_) and I'm wondering what you guys think about Tag Heuer models. I would buy used, preferably a silver automatic one. Any thoughts or recommendations? Should I look for another brand?

This is my first watch fyi...


Watch Snob,

I will keep this short: I wanted to know your opinion on the TAG Heuer Monaco V4. Is it a breakthrough in watchmaking innovation or is it a flashy gimmick that should be left alone and forgotten?

A TAG Heuer that costs $80,000 should be left alone by everyone on the planet except maybe five people, three of which have the surname "Heuer." Truthfully, the V4 is interesting on a certain voyeuristic level because you just know it's going to fail, and yet it's such an interesting piece. The first watch powered by belts instead of cogs, the concept is noble, but to most this is nothing more than an $80,000 chunk of platinum. This is by no means a classic, or even memorable watch, but if you're a TAG Heuer nut and you have more money than the Sultan of Brunei, go ahead and buy it -- what do I care?

I am not one to buy things just to tell people I have it. I buy things that are meaningful. However, having a limited-edition watch like this that is so out of the ordinary could cause special regard, but only around millionaires who know nothing about timepieces.
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Originally Posted by gazman70k View Post
+1 I agree with a Nomos but I'd also suggest a Seiko.

I wouldn't bother with any fashion brands.

BTW - TAG outsources to China now. Not the movement but straps / bracelets / some cases or parts of cases are made in China. Just enough bits are made (or assembled) in Switzerland to meet the criteria of Swiss Made.

No, movement as well. Most watch brands in that category get almost half of the movement components from Asia. That's the reason why some asian eta and valjoux "copy" movements are so good (some are terrible of course), because they're essentially the same thing. There's nothing inherent in someone of swiss descent that allows them to be better at assembling pre-made components. Many asian movt makers use the same component making machines that make those kinds of parts in ch.
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