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How much should it cost to put lenses in frames?

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I bought frames online, and I'm not getting a consistent answer for how much it costs to have prescription lenses fitted.
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It really depends on the quality of the lens and the prescription itself, like whether you have a strong prescription that needs a really thick lens, or if you want as thin a lens as possible for a severe prescription, or if you need polycarbonate lenses, bifocals, scratch-proof, anti-glare, etc. If you need many/all of the above and go to a brick and mortar shop it could easily run you several hundred dollars (I have friend whose lenses cost about $500--he's got a severe rx, wanted thin lenses, and got anti-glare and scratch resistant lenses). If you have a fairly regular prescription, and just need plain plastic lenses, there are places online that will do it for about $70 I think. Cheap lenses can definitely be had, but often times you pay for what you get. I've gotten both, and the difference with the more expensive name-brand lenses is pretty noticeable. Hope this is helpful.
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Try Costco if you have a membership. I bought a nice set of frames off eBay. Took them into my local Costco and got the hi-index lenses (thinest) with antiglare and protective coating. Ran me $110 and my prescription is pretty bad. All the regular optical shops wanted three times what I paid at Costco.
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It depends on the frame of the actual glasses itself too...I a 100% frame-less glasses. Costs a whole bunch extra to make my lenses, esp. to make lenses smooth.
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Optometry student here: Although I can't give a price, I just wanted to say that most consumers have no idea how large the lens industry is. There are hundreds of lens options from over 4 dozen lens manufacturers (if not more). If you have a hard rx (prism, phorias, presbyopia, and high Rx all together), then it is probably best to go to a highly trained optometrist and have them choose the lens that is right for you. If you're easy to fit, low Rx, no eye problems, no alignment problems, then lenses shouldn't be more than $60 to $70, especially if you don't care about add-ons. However, you'll get the basic lenses since you really don't need extra characteristics. A lot of consumers have no idea what goes into choosing a lens for a patient who has special needs. Some features are not compatible for some eyes and some eyes require a specific combination of lenses, lens design, lens material, bevel locations, etc. To make things more complex, some lens materials can't be ground to certain Rx or certain differences in the two eyes. And some lenses can't be ground into a certain shape for a certain frame. The details go on and on and on. In essence, choosing lenses is a lot like buying a suit. You can go to Costco and get a cookie cutter lens. Or go to a bespoke suit maker and get the best options for a much higher price. Don't get me started on Costco and their "optical" dept. A lot of people are able to put on a pair of glasses that may induce prism, be overminused, and screw with their AC/A ratios without noticing anything or not be able to pinpoint their headaches, dizziness, and eyestrains to their glasses. In the end, it is just like buying a suit. Most people think Men's Warehouse looks awesome.
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You can get it done from bout £15 for basic...dont go to opticians cos they charge loads...i used an online company, but i hear are cheap and fast too...both seem good

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