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Magazines&Publications: which do you buy/subscribe to?

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It that time fo the year for me, when most of my subscripitons are running out and the decisions to renew have to be made, so looking for inspiration and help I turned to the SF archives only to find rather old, and not very inspired or inspiring, threads. Therefore I decided to beging a new thread on the subject, and to start off here is my current list of magazines: Subscribe/purchase regularly:
  • The Rake : should be a rather obvious choice, very much worth keeping and although their international price borders on the fantastic it is a great publication to buy
  • GQ (Brittish edition): along with esquire, a kind of trashy indulgance of mine, prefer the birttish versions of both
  • Esquire (Brittish edition)
  • GQ Style (Brittish and german editions): a good biannual publication on trends and fashion news
  • Vogue Homme International: like the GQ Style and perhaps a little better
  • Collezioni Umomo: a very good resource and reference from the catwalks
  • Wallpaper: a good mix of art, architecture, fashion and general info
  • Harvard Business Review: well not much to say, pretty self explanitory
  • Fire&Knives: an independant cooking publication, highly reccomended
  • Decanter: my prefared wine publication
  • Imbibe: the formost publication on the cocktail
  • Muscle&Fitness (US edition): probably the best on the subject and the US edition far superior in content to the european counterpart
Purchase occasionaly:
  • L'uomo Vougue: sometimes great, sometimes very mediocre
  • Gentelman (Italian magazine): has gone somewhat downhill recently but generally decent, sometimes great, italian mens fashion/lifestyle publication
  • World of Interiors: just interesting sometimes
Am thinking of perhaps adding Men'sEx and Leon to my subscriptions however not being very fluent in reading japanese I am hesitant. As you can see I am somewhat of a magazine addict, and am always on the lookout for interesting publications, so post what you buy/subscribe/reccomend and hopefully inspire others to grab something new. Sartorialist.di.Roma
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I used to get Arena Homme, last one I bought was 10 years ago though. Same goes for Mondo Uomo. I'm not sure they publish these anymore. GQ sucks. I bought one copy of the Rake but wasn't impressed enough. Nice pics, bit crap talk. Checking out SF is good enough at the moment. There's good French mags but I don't know where to get them, I saw many in Paris.
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At one time I subscribed to over 70 publications (2004). I really didn't read them all but used much of their visual content for product development and trend research.

Now I subscribe to the following:
The Rake
Monocle (may let it lapse soon if they don't stop having all the answers for all the problems they identify, oh and offer branding services to fix them )
GQ- US- For $8 why not?(I used to love UK GQ but no longer)
Elle Decoration (France)
Elle Decor (US)
Elle Decoration (UK)
Maison Francaise (France)
Vanity Fair
Men's Ex-love it
Free & Easy (still have a hard time with that name )
Esquire- same as GQ above, for $8??? why not (again, used to love UK Esquire but no more)
Harpers Bazaar-best color and photo essays
Vintage Guitar Magazine

I often buy Casa Abatare and a few other home and design mags.

Don't be impressed by any of this. I still just look at the pictures most of the time.
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I was bored some time ago and got me an issue of Robb Report, not worth it.
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I only subscribe to two magazines at present, none fashion/style related - Britain (formerly InBritain) and The Week.
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I read a lot, especially online, but only subscribe to AutoWeek and MB Enthusiast.
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The New York Times, The Economist, The New York Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement, London review of Books and The New Yorker.
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Businessweek and Consumers Report
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I have not subscribed to a magazine or newspaper in over 6 years. No reason to print articles which have a one-month shelf life on paper. I read all of them on my computer. Books, however, are a different story. I love the real deal and don't "get" e-books.

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I LOVED Arena, I was so disappointed when it went under. Anyways, I read a lot of magazines, but really like British GQ and Esquire; the british Porsche magazines, Evo/Top Gear/Car, Vanity Fair, and Arcitectural Digest/Met Home. For fitness, I prefer to any of the magazines.
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Originally Posted by KenRose View Post
I LOVED Arena,

It was really good, still have a couple of copies left fortunately.
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The Economist at work, download the US edition of GQ on my iphone and that's about it. Very occasionally get Monocle or Wallpaper but they're a feck of price in Australia and I find it hard to justify.
Did get Arena for the first 20 years without fail though more out of habit for the last few of them. Stopped when I moved to Australia a few years before it died (though, in reality, it had died on its arse long before then).
The Aussie men's mags try hard but I can't really be arsed and the selection of clothes is pretty weak.
Wouldn't touch the British GQ with an electric cattle prod - I've developed a really profound loathing of Dylan Jones which is a shame as Arena under his editorship was at its best.
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No style mags any longer, just:
Men's Health
Nat Geo
Pop Mech
Grants Interest Rate Observer
(All online through Zinio except Grants)

Grants is the only one I actually purchase though - wife gets the others free. Not sure I'd pay for anything these days - too much excellent content out there for free these days
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monocle, wallpaper, the rake
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Rake, Mens-Ex, Man About Town

PS Guy - I you have a hard time with the name Free & Easy, I don't know what you'd do with Men's Fudge which is a Japanese Streetwear/Denim magazine.
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