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The Tough Shoe Dilemma

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After weeks of looking for cheapish brown shoes to pick up (I have been stuck wearing black for months now), I narrowed down my choices to

1.) The Allen Edmonds Hastings in Chili Antibes Calf for $225

2.) The Bruno Magli Rinaldo Dk Brown for $287

*** MY problem is I accidently ordered the first pair but felt the 2nd pair were better to be my sole pair of brown shoes for a while. So before I receive them on friday, I wanted to guage your opinions.
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Personally I'd stick with the first pair. More of a mid-range brown, so more versatile. Also a darn good looking shoe.
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the first is a good choice, although you probably could have gotten them cheaper, but the fact that it is not a versatile look: wholecut punched bicycle toe, the second: derby plain toe , is certainly something that can round out your brown shoe rotation.
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Originally Posted by diorshoe
the first is a good choice, although you probably could have gotten them cheaper, but the fact that it is not a versatile look

True. Although it may not be available to you at the $225 price, the AE Fairfax is, to my way of thinking, a more versatile wholecut option.
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The AE construction is better than those Maglis and will last you longer. That said, I find the Hastings is not a particularly nice shoe. If you are willing to drop $225, try other AE styles - unless you really love the Hastings. The fairfax is better but still not my first choice. If it's your first and only pair, I would go with a perforated cap-toe or half-brogue. Try the Colton, Benton...
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i like number two. generally i'd pick AE over Bruno Magli's but i don't like the broguing of the first.

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If the Hastings are A-E firsts, then you got a very good deal. If they are seconds, then you paid the customary full price. I love the chili color of the Hastings, but I don't care for the "bicycle toe" broguing. This is a matter of aesthetic preference. If you like the look, wear 'em with pleasure, take good care of them, and they should serve you well.

Somebody recommend the similar Fairfax. That is now on closeout, and seconds should be in the vicinity of $170. They are only available in black, merlot and Antibes chestnut, however.

I have no opinion on Bruno Maglis. My niece that sold shoes thought well of them.
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Stylistically, the Bruno Magli are a better choice for versatility in the settings they can be worn. The AEs, as previously stated, are a bit of oddity fulfilling neither the sleek, formal aesthetic of a wholecut, nor the true ruggedness of a casual shoe. That being said, I would choose based on last with a slight preference for the AE. Pricing and value are relative; both are somewhat higher than the bargain basement deals offered on the sales forum, but still decent deals compared to full retail. Given a healthy rotation, both pairs should last 5+ years.
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I recently purchased the AE Hastings in chili, as shown. I was pleasantly surprised at the overall look of the shoe. It is very well made and looks fantastic. It shows a classic elegance that I am extremely pleased with and I have received nothing but great compliments on it. I think you will be more than happy with that selection.
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Those AEs look odd....with the bicycle broguing it reminds me of a single color dress shoe version of 1950s bowling shoes. Which could be a good thing, but not in this case.

I prefer the Maglis between the 2 choices. Much better style, but it isnt hard to beat AE in the 'style' department.
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I just don't think that AE has the sensibility for wholecuts.
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Thanks for the input guys. It's funny I had the same thoughts about the AE's with the odd brouging, and I really kicked myself when I scrolled up the page (I was looking thru zappos from page bottom to top) and saw the Bruno's that I'd had my eye on for months on sale I nearly kicked myself. But over time the quirkyness of the A-E has grown on me. So we'll see where my thoughts lie when they come in...
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i prefer the maglis. the ae's broguing is wierd in my book.
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So have you ordered both pairs and going to decide, or you going to keep both pairs?
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Depends on what you want the shoes for. If you want to pair the shoes with a suit, then go with the 1st one. If you are looking for something to pair with slacks w/jacket then go for the 2nd one.
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