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Shoe Tree Size

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Hey guys,

I have a Tyrwhitt Chukka boot I recently bought. It is size 10 UK and fits my 10.5 feet. However, I need a shoe tree. I saw this one on GVH but was hesitant because it was advertised as an XL shoe tree and fits shoes from 11N and up.

What do you guys think? Will this shoe tree work and not stretch out the boots? There are no other boot trees offered by GVH.


I also contacted GVH and they said it should fit but who knows.

Thanks guys!
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it should be ok. there is a leeway with those shoe trees, and it takes alot to overstretch a pair of shoes with trees.
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Two things,

I have shoe trees from Grapevinehill and they fit well (I use a L for my size 10's so the XL should fit your 11s). The quality is not bad but not amazing like you might get from very high end bespoke shoe makers but overall I'm quite happy with them (Gravevinehill sells Woodlore shoetrees which is a spinoff of AllenEdmonds).

DO NOT GET BOOT TREES. Just get regular shoe trees. The boot trees by woodlore are actually designed for high arch cowboy boots and the shape may warp the tow of your shoe. GVH is the used/imperfect line for grapevinehill right? Just buy the regular shoe trees from grapevinehill and you'll be fine.
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I think those are going to be too big. The problem isn't with the width but that the spring will be really compressed and might stretch the length and/or distort the heel counter.
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