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Hello Gents: I wandered about bluefly, saw a cashmere sweater [Harrison 2-ply shaker stitch knit zip front cashmere mock turtleneck cardigan sweater/$150], and consequently wondered if any of you might have opinions to share on the quality-to-price ratio? On that last note, $30 for *cotton* Pringle sweater: good deal or no? Lastly, any thoughts on French Connection? I have no experience with their products and am assuming quality is on par with Banana Republic, etc. Correct, incorrect? Thanks for reading...
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If it's the same Harrison firm known for Millionaire's Cashmere, then it's a first-rate name and the cloth is as well. MC is generally regarded as the finest cashmere available.
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I just bought the Harrison sweater. The cashmere quality is quite good--it feels soft and rich, and better than the only other cashmere sweater I have (a Polo blue label). The only problem is that it's cut really generously, which is a disappointment because I've wanted a cashmere zip mock cardigan for some time. If I could find the Paper Denim version, I'd snap it up in an instant. Question: is it possible for a seamstress to take in a knit sweater and make it slimmer fitting?
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thank you marc39 and sevcom. i bought the harrison as well. i agree, the cut is generous; would love to hear input on alteration possibilities...i'm kinda debating doing an exchange...thing is, i'm trying it with various shirts and can't decide...hate when that happens sevcom, what size crewneck shirt do you typically wear and what size cardigan did you buy?
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Either a size S or XS (I'm about a 39 inch chest with fairly broad shoulders and a 32 inch waist). I feel like I'm swimming in the size S Harrison, so if there's any way to tighten it up a bit, I'd welcome it. BTW, this is the sweater in question.
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Question: is it possible for a seamstress to take in a knit sweater and make it slimmer fitting?
A high quality sweater should be fully fashioned, that is it's knit as a piece rather than having components that are cut and sewn. Being fully fashioned means it's a nicer garment, but I would think would preclude its alteration. However, I'm sure there are those who know much more about such things than I.
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